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A Nordic King by Karina Halle

Oh my stars, this was an epic royal romance. I finished this book two days ago and every time I went to start this review, nothing seemed to do Aksel and Aurora's story justice. But here I am, back to try again and hoping y'all understand, I truly loved this story. HARD.

Story Line: Aurora is a nanny. She just finished her last gig in Paris and applied for another, this time in Denmark. She lands the job - not so easily - and is now the official caretaker of two seriously adorable little girls. Oh, right, and they're princesses. And her boss is the King of Denmark. No biggie. Insert wide eyed emoji here. Yeah, it's a big deal. And of course King Aksel is gorgeous. And of course he's a delicious ALPHA male. After discovering these details in the first couple of chapters, I was rubbing my hands together saying yasssssssss. There's angst, there's finger tingling attraction and there's a connection deeper than words can explain to y'all. What did I love about this story? ALL OF IT. The push and pull between Aksel and Aurora, Aurora and the girls, Snarf-Snarf, the sailing scenes. YEAH, Like I said, ALL OF IT.

Interaction: Aurora's inner monologue is absolutely hilarious. She's witty, sarcastic and so sweet. I simply adore her character. And every time Aksel was cold or distant to her, I found myself yelling at him saying "HEY! Be nice to my girl!" Yeah, you could say I was invested in their story just a wee bit. But as the story goes on, Aksel's walls come crumbling down and piece by piece, these two build a relationship that is beautiful and raw. Their love is gradual, but the time they gave it to grow, gives it incredible strength to withstand the trials that their lives bring it.

Laundry: You know what's better than dirty laundry? Secret laundry. Yum. Seriously though. They have to sneak around, because yeah hi, he's a king. They can't just flaunt the fact that they hooked up to everyone. Plus he's a dad and he needs to protect his girls and their feelings. SWOON. Seriously, can this guy be any hotter?

Depth: Aksel has a haunted past. Aurora has a haunted past. They are a match made in broken pasts. But what's so incredible about these two, is how they handled each other's demons. There is such care and devotion between them, that I swear to you, I cried happy tears at least twice while reading their story unfold. I do not say this lightly, trust me folks, you're going to devour this book and come back here to thank me for recommending such an amazing book. And I will smugly tell you you're welcome ;)

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