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Atticus by K.L. Donn

Let me paint you a little picture here. Imagine you're going through life reading books that are not about the Adair Empire. Life is peaches and cream, you have your basic book boyfriends and everything is rainbows and unicorns. Then, one day, you realize, you really like the color black. You actually hate unicorns and basic boys just aren't cutting it anymore. Tear.

Have no fear! KL Donn is here! She has 4 absolutely STELLAR books to open your book boyfriend world to the twisted, black hearts of King and his men. I have reviewed the first 3 books in this series - King, Luther and Castiel. And yes, each book I have absolutely DEVOURED as well as been scared for my life when my husband had the nerve to sneeze while I was reading one particularly graphic scene. But whatevs.  Atticus is here and I've got a review to get to.

Story Line: Atticus is on Mission Alaska. No, it's not really called that but that's what I'm calling it and I like it. His mission is to keep Catalina alive. He lurks and stays in the shadows so that she doesn't know he's there. But these two are very aware of the other's presence and that is just the tip of the sexy Alaskan iceberg. Catalina not only notices him, but desires him just as much as he desires her. They officially meet when she man woman hater (Little Rascals reference in case you think I'm a weirdo and just made that up) decides to shop wood to prepare for the upcoming snow storm. Obviously alpha male Atticus cannot allow his woman to chop her own wood. And from that point forward these two know there is no separating them.  Obviously, since this is KL Donn after all, it's not all rainbows and kittens from here. However, I will say I LOVE Catalina's dogs names - East and West. I LOVE how loyal they are to her. And let's not forget the adorable two kittens she just rescued. Okay, let's face it. Catalina is me. Therefore Atticus is mine.

Interaction: Catalina is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. She's like General TSO's chicken from China Chef. There's hints of sweet but certain bites are going to burn your mouth. Totally defines Cat. And, true to any Adair Empire member, Atticus just eats that up. These two communicate with their words, their actions, their bodies and damn near their minds too. They are on the same level nearly from the moment their eyes met.

Laundry: Catalina is a proud V-card holder. Until Atticus. Obviously. But she held out for different reasons. She has specific cravings that only one man can fulfill. I won't give away what her desire is but I will say this. This is the first book I've ever read about this type of kink and I was a little skeptical. But hot damn, not anymore. It was smoking hot and if I wasn't a huge wussy baby, I would totally try some things out to see what got her all worked up. I'm just saying.

Depth: The whole Adair Empire is a sinkhole of depth. There is no bottom to the twisted stuff these men will do to keep their women safe. I will say Atticus was probably the most "tame" of the 4 in the series so far. I think my hubby would have been safe to bang pots and pans while I was reading it and I would NOT have jumped out of my skin. However, there's still darkness. There's still twists and turns. The gore factor is just slightly dialed down. But it worked for these two characters. It wasn't needed for their relationship or their stories. It was perfect.

And of course, at the very end, we are left legit BEGGING for more. Carver is up next and I may throat punch anyone who tries claiming him as theirs. The darkest and twisted of them all is up next. And he is MINE!

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