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Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds

The queen of alpha hero's has done it again. Once again, Aurora Rose Reynolds has written a love story that puts Disney the shame. Chrissie and Gaston's story had me captivated instantly. And like all other ARR novels, I couldn't force myself to put it down until I had read every single word. Being tired was well worth it, because Baiting Him was so freaking good. I have a feeling this How to Catch an Alpha series is going to rival my full out obsession with the Until series. Which, mind you, I swore was not possible.

Story Line: Chrissie is a bakery owner. She has a work ethic I am in total awe of. Well, that's mainly because I would rather read than work at all, but seriously. Chrissie loves her bakery and devotes every spare moment she has to it. And Gaston is just as work driven. He's the owner of several bars/restaurants which keeps him out late hours. Their story is one full of love, possibilities and growth. The character development was absolutely fantastic. Chrissie learned to let go and delegate, all the while maintaining her strong career focus. And literally the same can go for Gaston. It was amazing to read how these two were able to transition their hectic work lives to accommodate one another, yet still remain true to themselves and their companies. That's not something you see a lot. Usually it's just one of the characters making changes, but this was a pleasant surprise. If you're looking for a story that curls your toes, inflates your heart and makes you want to be the best version of yourself, then look no further. Baiting Him is exactly what you're looking for.

Interaction: In true ARR fashion, Gaston sees what he wants and goes after it. But Chrissie doesn't just submit to his every whim and desire. She proves over and over again that she is a strong woman who doesn't need a man in her life. However, she also shows us that she's not indestructible. That gorgeous suit of armor she wears can crack, and Gaston proves over and over again that he is just the man for the repair and prevention job. Their love for one another is crystal clear. Their attraction, devotion and dedication seeped deep into my pores and will radiate from me for years to come.

Laundry: So, I'm sure you've gathered so far that this story is uber sweet. Almost as sweet as Chrissie's delicious treats. Well, don't assume that just because this is sweet love story, that there isn't some naughty laundry in it. Because come on now. ARR can write some HEAT and Baiting Him does NOT disappoint. Their is magical fire that burns between Chrissie and Gaston. Every time these two come together, I swear my entire body hummed with excitement. I love these two characters so freaking much.

Depth: Yes, this is a fantastic love story. But it also takes on some tough family matters too. Chrissie's family isn't something you brag to you friends about. She doesn't have the previous home life of the girl next door. Her road to where she is now isn't paved. It's dirty, rocky and at times pretty dark. But what we are shown is that our past does not define us. Just because our parents didn't have the epic love story we read about it romance novels, doesn't mean when can't have that type of HEA for ourselves. The bottom line is this - Baiting Him is a story about allowing ourselves to let love in. Allowing ourselves to grow and change with what it thrown at us. And that it's okay to take time away from our busy lives to spend with those who are most important to us. Thank you, ARR, for the reminder to put loved ones first. Always.

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