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Besotted by Dr Rebecca Sharp

Where are my Bridgerton fans at? All bajillion of you. You know how Simon and Daphne have that incredible dynamic yet somehow are forbidden loves? And you know how he makes us all think he doesn't want her yet he BURNS for her? Are y'all all warm and tingly now too? Mmmmm... well take that feeling and pick up Besotted on release day. You can thank me later.

Story Line: Miles is our leading man and let me tell you, there's a lot to love about this man. He's a mucho macho man and the biggest sweetheart rolled into one delicious package. And then there's Eve. The most motivated, hardworking and devoted woman on the planet. Their attraction is inevitable. Their chemistry sent electric sparks coursing through my entire body. And their shared pain was so dang REAL I felt it deep within my bones. You will laugh with them. You will definitely want to kick Miles in the shins a time or two. And you will absolutely cry with them. And not just a dramatic single tear sliding down your cheek. No, this book will require waterproof mascara and it would probably be best not to be read in a public place - for a couple of reasons wink wink.

Interaction: I'm telling you all this right now - Miles and Eve's chemistry rivals Simon and Daphne from Bridgerton. Sure, it's easy for a tv series to show us the attraction with stolen glances and almost had touches, but for an author to be able to describe all of these little signs and build a story so completely full of angst and forbidden love, is nothing short of spectacular. I felt in every ounce of my being the absolute agony Miles put himself through. I felt Eve's ache in the center of my own heart. And when that became too much and they finally gave me a little, ah hem, relief, I most certainly felt that too.

Laundry: Y'all. I have never once wanted to have some naughty laundry in a tent. I'm more of a glamping kind of chick, but after reading this book, I'm sold. There's a 4 person tent in my Target app cart right now, not even joking. Miles and Eve are in a hotness class all of their own. I read certain parts out loud to Mr Laundry and then realized my mistake considering he wanted me to stop reading and that was absolutely not going to happen. TMI, sorry. Kind of.

Depth: One thing is guaranteed with RS books - her stories carry so much more meaning than love. Besotted is about moving on. It's about not letting our pasts define our future. And it's about taking a chance when everything inside of you is scared beyond measure. This book will leave you with the happiest of tears filling your eyes and a beautiful smile plastered across your face. Miles and Eve's story isn't an easy one. It's not a simple wave or two separating them from their happily ever after. The waves are choppy and giant at times. But that just makes their story the most beautiful of all.

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