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Best Served Cold by Emma Hart

What could be better than a book about an ice cream shop? How about a book about rivaling ice cream shops? Rivaling ice cream shops run by ex's. OH yeah, baby. This book had me hooked from the blurb alone. I loved that this book had a second chance vibe all the while describing in great detail, the process of making homemade ice cream. To say I'm craving a three scoop waffle cone, is putting it mildly.

Story Line: Raelynn is the owner of an old-time ice cream shop called Best Served Cold. And across the street? Oh yeah, that's her super sexy ex, Chase, and his ice cream store - The Silver Spoon. There's a long history between these two, and an even longer two years where Rae hasn't spoken a word to Chase because of some seriously bad blood between them. Chase was a total jerk face after the break up. Like, borderline, unforgivable jack wagon situation. So, I would say their is hostility, but that doesn't really seem like a strong enough word. But anyways, thanks to an adorable 4 year old, Rae has an idea of how to turn her old-timer parlor into something everyone wants to come to. So she shuts her doors for two weeks to renovate. And along the way, Chase weasels his way back into her life. And somehow manages to make me adore him and not hate him. Seriously, I was so mad at this guy, you would have thought I was the one he was at odds with. But as each chapter passes, the icey wall built between Chase and Rae starts to thaw. And before we know it, the angst building between them turns into more. And their love sparkles more than even Rae's fairy ice cream.

Interaction: Oh my Lord, these two are amazing. The amount of snark, sass and sarcasm that comes out of Rae's mouth is nearly unbelievable. I mean, she's probably the most sarcastic character I've ever read about. No exaggeration. And what's better? Chase gives it all back to her. I mean, he literally gives every ounce of snark right back to her. And it's perfect. Their chemistry is undeniable. He knows it. She knows it (but won't admit it). And we know it too. And even when they're bickering to no end, there's an underlying feeling of devotion to one another. She may call him every name in the book, but she does it with a light heart. And knows that, which makes their interactions so freaking hilarious.

Laundry: The naughty bits of this story lie outside of the actual laundry. It's the angst that really got to me. The stolen kisses. The indecisiveness of their relationship. All of that build up made the laundry worth it. But I will say this, actual dirty laundry did not occur until around 80% in to the book. I will say, I did not mind one little bit about that. But I do know some readers don't want to have to wait that long. So there's your disclaimer. HOWEVER, if you let that small detail deter you from reading? You're seriously missing out.

Depth: Rae has a troubled past. Her life essentially fell apart 2 years ago. And she's been fighting to keep her head above water since. And Chase has made that no easy feat. But the magjority of the meat of this story comes from the rebuild. The rebuilding of trust, allowing themselves to love again and opening their minds to the truth behind so many miscommunications. I think Chase had the biggest transformation of a character I've ever read. He poured his heart out to Rae a couple of times, and each time, it made me love him even more. This story was one of the best second chance romances I've ever read. The humor, the environment and the characters were all an absolute delight to read. I loved every moment I spent in this glorious book's world.

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