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Burning For Autumn by Freya Barker

Sexy police man? Check. Strong, fiery and fierce heroine? Check. Crazy people, great friends and incredible story line? CHECK. Freya Barker has once again created a world so vivid and so realistic you feel like you're living in Durango too. I adored almost (yes, almost, read the book to find out why ;) ) every single character. And even as Autumn and Keith's HEA was winding down, I was already telling myself "don't worry, this is only book 1, there's more amazingness to come".

Story Line: Autumn works in a burn unit. She's accomplished, well respected, and is doing just fine on her own. Then there's Keith. He's the stand - in police chief. Their paths cross. First impression? Attraction, sure. Annoyance? YEP. But you know what they say, fate is funny that way. So once again, Keith and Autumn are in each other's paths. And from that point forward, it's only a matter of time before they give in and open up. And when they do? Their connection is one of the strongest I've ever read. But before we go and think it's all happy-go-lucky once these two get naughty, think again. Because there is some seriously crazy stuff lurking in the shadows. There are fires, fatalities (which includes a cat. Sorry minor spoiler alert, but I had to warn some people. If I didn't already ADORE Freya, this would have caused me to stop reading because people can die, but animals? NOPE. Hard NO.) Anyways, yes there are deaths and it's emotional and heart stopping. But it's those twist and turns and the way Autumn and Keith handle everything that is thrown at them, that makes this book so incredibly perfect.

Interaction: Freya writes the most real characters of all. Her hero isn't 27 and a billionaire (not that there is anything wrong with that. I have at least 50 books on my kindle that I've read just like that.) Her heroine isn't 23 and fresh out of college. These are forty something year olds who have their act together. And I LOVE that. It shows that you don't have to find the love of your life in your 20's or even 30's. No one says there's a time frame for love. And Freya is the master at telling that story. Keith is totally swoon worthy, he's funny and he's protective. And Autumn is strong, but she knows when to let her walls down and when to let this big hunk of a man in. It's the perfect balance of characters.

Laundry: I'm not going to lie to you. I was expecting a longer slow-burn. Freya writes some incredible build up and angst. And I was fully prepared to wait for the laundry. But SURPRISE! Santa came early with this one. Not literally. And no one was premature ;) But the laundry? OH THE LAUNDRY. Give me kitchen laundry any day, every day. Good lord, FB, these two were so dang hot!

Depth: With Keith's job comes quite a bit of suspense. I mean, he is the chief of police. So, whenever a call comes in, he's the first in line to get called out. For a budding relationship, that sucks. But Autumn is way less needy than I am. My poor hubby. I text him at least 10 times a day to see where he's working (he's an HVAC guy) and how he's doing. Thank God he's more patient than a saint. But like I was saying, Keith and even Autumn's careers are no stranger to gore and things of that graphic nature. But you will NOT see this added element coming. Fires keep popping up and there is literally no way to predict how this story unfolds. I was biting my nails and holding my breath 2/3 of this book. It was INCREDIBLE. Now give me Luna's book before I cry! ;)

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