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Damaged by Layla Frost

If ever there was a better duet in the history of all romance novels... well it's totally irrelevant now. Deathly by Brynne Asher was released just one week ago and now here we have Damaged by Layal Frost. Each of these two books are mind blowlingly brilliant. Each with the most perfectly imperfect characters ever written. Briar and Alexander of Damaged are what darkness, love and twisted wet dreams are made of.

Story Line: Okay, so usually I give a brief run down of what the story is about. However, I don't want to do that and potentially ruin some of the most fantastic story telling of all time. What I will tell you is Briar's story isn't at all what I imagined it to be. It was heartbreaking. It was raw. And I related more than I ever thought possible. Because I have been in her shoes. I have done what she has done and I connected with her character in the most beautifully damaged way. It's like I have found my fictional soul sister and together we healed just a little bit more. Alexander's character is so closely mirrored to my husband it's like LF hacked into our home camera system and observed us in a super not creepy, purely research sort of way. The patience, the protectiveness and the darkness. It's the perfect husband material cocktail. Mix that with Briar and her demons? So freaking perfect.

Interaction: When I say Briar and Alexander are beautifully damaged, I mean that with every ounce of my soul. When reading a love story, I want to feel the tingles of attraction right along side the main characters. I want my heart to beat a little faster when they have their first kiss. And I want to feel my cheeks heat with their passion. And in Damaged, I felt all of that and more. My heart ached and I had real tears streaming down my face as I witnessed some of the most dark magic I've ever read.

Laundry: Y'all are not ready for this heat. It's not just about the laundry folks. This connection. This hotter than sizzling bacon on a tin roof naughtiness is so much more than physical. I swear to you, I could have had a big O just from the foreplay. So, there. You've been warned. Go buy batteries. Make sure you SO is home. That's good advice ;)

Depth: The Dillion sisters stories are complex, well written and totally captivating dark love stories. They are a black down comforter on a delightfully firm mattress. They're red roses on the Kentucky Derby winner's blanket with surprise thorns to keep you wondering. Briar and Alexander are the mastiff and the Maltese. Total opposites yet somehow also a match made in stormy heaven. To say I enjoyed Damaged would be a huge understatement. I finished this jewel and cried both tears of joy and sadness. Joy because it was everything I ever wanted. Sadness because I couldn't believe it was over.

5 giant black hearts.

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