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Drink by Mayra Statham

Buckle up buttercup, because this review may just leave your kindles/electronic devices smoking. Seriously though. Mayra Statham knocked it out of the park with Drink. This book is part of a series, however, I’m certain you can read it as a stand alone without a single issue.

Story Line: Donnie and Gabby’s story is one I will not soon forget. It’s hotter than Hades, for starters. But their story is more than a passionate connection. It’s an age gap trope mixed with best friend’s sister in law and a few other tropes. So truly, Drink is a story for every taste out there. Gabby is about to graduate college. Donnie is already well established and successful in his own right. He’s kept his distance from the apple of his eye for a variety of reasons, one being the fact that she’s his best friend’s sister in law. But a trip to paradise, and guards down is just the right prescription for sparks to ignite. However, Donnie and Gabby’s HEA doesn’t come without bumps in the road – or a giant boulder for that matter. It didn’t matter how many bumps or twist and turns their journey had, it was magical and absolutely perfect.

Interaction: One thing I truly enjoyed about Gabby and Donnie was their ability to communicate in every way imaginable. There were scenes where not a whole lot of spoken dialogue is exchanged, yet there was so much depth and description, that it didn’t matter. I could see their heat and admiration without having to hear the words or physically see the characters. That’s true talent.

Laundry: If you’re in the mood for some naughtiness, you’re in the right place. There’s a little BDSM, a little laundry club action, and there’s just plain hot vanilla too. I assure you, this book will lead to copious amounts of your own play time. Mr. Laundry says he would highly recommend reading this book with your spouse ;)

Depth: Okay, so we get it. This book is hot. The characters are well developed and carefully designed to capture our hearts. But what I haven’t said yet is how much I adored the entire story. The backstory of Donnie will bring tears to your eyes. His inner demons will make you want to give him a giant hug and then tell him to pull his head out of his rear end. And Gabby is that strong and fierce woman we all dream to be. She is freaking Wonder Woman, honestly. Their stories together created a work of art. Drink is everything you’ve ever wanted in a hot new romance novel.

5 spicy stars!

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