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El Malo by K Webster

When 3 rockstar authors - Brynne Asher, Layla Frost and Gillian Jones recommend you read a book - YOU READ THAT BOOK. I literally read Layla's post, read their comments, and began reading this book last night at 10:30pm. I have now finished and I think I need a support group. There are so many parts I have to talk about. I cannot rave enough about all the emotions this book pulled out of me.

Story Line:  Rosa is our resident badass leading lady. Javier is super duper king of kings badass of Mexico. She's actually undercover CIA. And by undercover, I mean she's been posing as his maid in his house for the past FOUR YEARS.That's a long ass time to be living with one of the scariest mo-fo's on the planet. Just saying. But Rosa lives up to her bad ass description. She holds her own. And then she falls for her boss. But this is absolutely NOT your typical girl begins affair with her boss romance novel. Oh hell no. A couple of things I would like to discuss with my support group: 1) Layla, that egg GIF is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my entire life (now that I've read the book and understand what the hell you were hinting at) 2) I have an abnormal desire to smell a candy apple cigar and just of the thought of it turns me on and I feel dirty 3) Why are cliffs now beautifully erotic? All of this will make sense when you read the book. So, chop chop! Oh God, that was a a piss poor choice of words. As was that. UGH! Moving on.

Interaction: Rosa is this perfect balance of independent she-woman, and melt in a puddle submissive. She's a hard ass when she needs to be, but she's also soft and completely relatable when it comes to Javier. He turns her brain into mush and I think all women who have been head over heels for a man, completely understand where she's coming from. Yet somehow, she remains focused on the job at hand. As for Javier, he's the total package in my eyes. He's clearly smitten with her. Yet he still remains the tough guy who no one dares messing with. He still takes her on dates and treats Rosa like the queen she is to him. The hottest guys to me are of course, the great dads. But a close second is a man who knows he has a gem and holds her like she's sacred. And that's exactly Javier.

Laundry: Jesus H Christ. I need a moment. First of all, I have NEVER been into scenes where someone watches the two main characters go at it. For this book, and this book alone, I have changed that outlook. Because holy  hell, it was smoking hot. And I will never look at a tiny cigar the same again. Rosa and Javier are dirty, slightly taboo, sexy and so freaking hot.

Depth: So this book begins with a really tough scene. I almost stopped reading because it caused my eyes to start leaking. But I pushed through and of course, I'm so glad I did. The CIA element adds complexity, but honestly it's Javier's business that really brings the depth in. And as much as they are the bad guys, K. Webster brings a bit of humanity to what they do. They don't just torture and murder, there is actual rhyme and reason behind it. And for that reason, it sort of grounds the story. I'm not a huge gore fan, but when you tell me why I'm reading what I'm reading, and it's believable, I can handle it. And I can say with absolute certainty, I loved this book. So. Damn. Much.

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