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Intoxicated By You by Kristin Mayer

'm just going to start by saying two things - one, I have never wanted to visit Alaska before. However, after reading this book, it's officially on my bucket list. Two? This is a book about Alexa and Drake's second chance at love, however, I think somehow I'm going to add Hollis to my book boyfriend list instead of Drake. Apparently I have a thing for socially awkward doctors. Who knew?

Story Line: Alexa and Drake are high school sweethearts -turned soul mates. Tragedy strikes and Lex's dad passes away suddenly. He leaves her a letter that changes everything. And by changes everything - I mean everything. She packs up and leaves everything behind, including her perfect male specimen. Fast forward years later and Lex is back to open a clinic in their small town with her college bestie - Hollis. Oh Hollis. You delightfully weird man. He's an odd ball, but super loyal to Lex in the most platonic way possible. I grew to love him very quickly. But once the clinic opened, the shitstorm ensued. Not a single detail was predictable with this story. It had me questioning everything until the very end. LOVE THAT.

Interaction: The dynamic between Lex and Drake is beautiful. She left him with very little reason as to why. Yet they are able to piece back together everything they used to have - and then some. Drake owns the local bar named the Red Onion (which I totally want a t-shirt by the way) which seems to be a safe zone for all the characters to meet at. I cannot say enough how much I adored this Alaskan town they are living in. Small town. Secluded. Everyone knows your business? Sign me up!

Laundry: This is going to be a first for me.  But the laundry in this book wasn't the best part. There's laundry - don't get your underpants in a twist. But it's absolutely not the focal point of this romance. It's not kinky. It's not taboo. It's two soul mates coming together after years apart. It's a chaotic world that suddenly stills. Alexa and Drake do not need pages upon pages of dirty, filthy mouthed romping. Their story is much more.

Depth: Alexa's family gives this story a very slight Cinderella feel. Her mother might as well be referred to as the evil step mother. And her sister? Good lord, that chick needs to get laid in the worst way. She has a stick lodged so far up her rear end, I don't think she will ever be normal. The story behind the letter Alexa's dad left her. The property. All of it isn't as it seems. I loved that I was left guessing the entire length of this book. And to be honestly, I am still in shock over who did what. Yeah, that's super vague. But you're not getting any spoilers out of me!

Pick up Intoxicated By You today!

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