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Keyed Up by Ellie Rice

Y'all I cannot put to words how much I hated waited for the second book by Ellie Rice. For those of you who haven't heard of her, let me paint you a little picture regarding her books. They are smoking hot (obviously...just look at that cover), they are complex, beautifully written and so much more than a pretty love story. Book 1, Key To Her Heart released last year and I was immediately infatuated with this author. It was her debut novel so I had high hopes, but wasn't expecting fireworks. But what I got was one of the best dang reads of 2018.

Fastforward to December 2019 and here we are. Finally. Book 2 was on my kindle and I was so freaking pumped. Then of course, life happened. The holidays happened. And too many weeks later, I FINALLY sat down to read this masterpiece. And oh mama, it was so worth the wait. Ang and Micah are the perfect blend of humor, sass and so much heat it could set the frozen tundra on fire.

Story Line: We met the hilarious Ang in book 1. You don't necessarily have to read Key to her Heart in order to follow Keyed Up, however I recommend reading book 1 because a) it's amazing and b) it helps with some of the little details in this book. Anyways, Ang and Micah have one of the funniest first meetings I've ever read. Their connection is undeniable from the moment they share the same space. And let me just say, Micah is a big bad biker boy and I didn't realize how much I was missing that kind of hero in my life. Seriously, he's so hot. If he wasn't utterly perfect for Ang, I would be putting my boxing gloves on to fight her for him. Okay, you get it. This guy is total book boyfriend material. But more than that, his character blended with Ang's is what made this book so dang good. They connect at a wedding. They heat up only to have a bucket of ice water thrown on them when the getaway comes to an end. But the best part about ER books is that just when you think HEA is coming, she throws a wrench at you and you realize you still have 40% of the book remaining. HECK TO THE YES. And boy does she deliver. Ang's story will wreck you. Micah's demeanor and class will tingle your toes. And their love story will rock your world.

Interaction: I've touched on this a little already, but it's important y'all realize that these two characters are beautifully written with incredible detail and imagery. You will literally hear Ang's crazy terminology in your ear throughout the entire read. You will hear Micah's deep timber in his voice and feel that gorgeous mane of his in your finger tips. They are ying and yang, yet they work better than I could ever imagine. I'm not going to lie to you, Ang's character is strong, to say the least. Her random made up phrases are funny and nearly over the top. But they work for her. And you would imagine someone with an equally bold personality to be her soulmate right? Micah is not who I was envisioning for the spitfire, but holy crap, now that I've read their story? I can't imagine anyone more perfectly suited for Ang.

Laundry: Is it hot in here? Why does it feel like my face is on fire? Oh that's right, I'm just replaying some of the hottest laundry scenes of all time in my head. Or spank bank. Or whatever you want to call it. But hot dam, Ang and Micah are off the charts. And just when you think, there's no way they can top that - they do. Ten fold. So get yourself some wine or a mixed drink. Because it's about to get hot in here.

Depth: Seriously, though. Ellie Rice knows how to write some of the most well rounded stories on the planet. She brings the heat, the character development and the best story lines. Ang's past was so unexpected. When I said there was a wrench thrown at me, I wasn't talking a plastic playskool one. I'm saying it was like a 50 pound big Bertha wrench. I was not expecting to shed tears over this woman. But it was totally unavoidable. Her past life - her present life - all of it. It was so painfully detailed that it was impossible to fast forward through the hard parts. No, I had to live through it right alongside this gorgeous redhead. Keyed Up reminded me that even though people put up a good front, that doesn't mean their lives are perfect. It doesn't mean they actually have everything together and their lives lack skeletons. Or zombies. Or whatever metaphor you want to use. No one is perfect, but two imperfect people can make and pretty freaking good life together. And that's exactly what Keyed Up is about. You will laugh and you will cry. But most of all, you will fall in love with Ang and Micah - hard.

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