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Last Name by Dr Rebecca Sharp

If you take nothing else away from this review, let it be this - you can't go wrong with a novel by Dr Rebecca Sharp. Each story she develops is unique, perfectly detailed and has just the right amount of swoony steaminess to leave delightful goosebumps all over your skin. Last Name says it's a romantic comedy - and it's funny, don't get me wrong, but sometimes romantic comedies get a mediocre reputation, and trust me, there is nothing mediocre about it.

Story Line: Carrie is our adorable heroine. She's funny, sweet, kind and pretty much the girl we all wish we had in our tribe. Carrie meets James in Vegas, which yes, seems a little cliche when you type it out like that. But their adventure is far from ordinary. This isn't just the story of a drunk night and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Oh no. This is smoking hot, crazy zing chemistry from the moment these two lock eyes. And that finger tingle lasted the entire book. Folks, it's been a hot minute since a book was so dang good I had to finish it in one sitting. I was absolutely exhausted for work the next day - and I have zero regrets. SO GOOD.

Interaction: In order for me to flove a story, the characters have to have relatable chemistry. I know, I know. That's a tall order to fill. But RS does not disappoint. James and Carrie's story may sound like a crazy night they won't remember, but the true heart of Last Name is what happens afterwards. It's dedication. It's passion. It's true freaking love. Yes, this story has it's laugh out loud moments that may or may not have woken up Mr Laundry while he was trying to sleep next to me. But this story also made my tummy all warm and fuzzy. And why were all of those things so important? Because they made this love story soar above the rest. Carrie and James have big love - the love we dream of and hope we somehow come close to it. They remind us that sometimes the most unexpected things in life, can be everything we ever wished for.

Laundry: I don't like to do laundry and tell, but a certain scene in this book did spark a slight intermission to my reading marathon. Mr. Laundry most definitely benefited from the laundry in this book. And no, I'm not just saying that. James is pretty much the perfect fictional man. He's probably about to make the laminated book boyfriend list, to be honest. Yeah, he's THAT good.

Depth: Real talk here. I need my steamy love stories to have some meat on their bones. I need more than here's two people who fall in love. I'm nosy. I have to know back stories and figure out why people tick the way they do. And Last Name checks all those boxes. We learn so much about these characters that it feels like we are truly living amongst them. I could picture their offices, their homes, etc - like I was a resident and not living in good ol' Ohio. But you get where I'm going. Last Name is a fantastic story about taking a chance on love, and then taking another chance on keeping it.


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