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Love by Andi Jaxon and AJ Alexander

Have you ever read a book that forced you to push past your comfort zone and opened your eyes to a world you had no idea existed? Now, I realize I just painted a picture more closely resembling a paranormal romance than contemporary, but give me a sec. I'll make sense I swear. Love is the story of the Tornado Twins. Avery and Amber are not legit twins, first of all. But they are a package deal. And honestly, I didn't know how I would handle a M/F/F romance. But holy cow, it was some of the hottest stuff I've ever read.

Story Line: Amber and Avery are best friends, lovers, family, and everything in between. Now, I know what you're thinking - so that means they're gay right? Nope, and take my advice. Stop trying to label them. Because these two fun loving, free spirited and loving ladies fall head over heals twice - for each other and for Charlie. Charlie made an appearance or two in book 1 of this series since he's also a sexy military man. He has one night in a truck with these girls and they all know that will never be enough. This is their love story. Their journey to happily ever after. It took me a hot second to stop guessing which girl Charlie would ultimately end up with. Yep, that's right. My judgmental brain wanted to categorize this unconventional couple. I couldn't wrap my head around 3 people in a relationship. Now, don't misunderstand. This isn't a sister wives situation. Gross. Sick. NO. This story taught me that love comes in all forms and it doesn't have to be between two people. And it doesn't have to be labeled gay, straight, bisexual, etc. Love is love. It's as simple as that.

Interaction: The girls are pretty much hilarious. They have the best sense of humor I've read in quite a while. They keep Charlie on his toes, that's for sure. And Charlie. That lucky son of a gun. That's right. He gets more than just a night with these two. And he recognizes immediately that there will be no choosing. Amber isn't the star of the show with Avery as the fluffer, and vise versa. Their hearts were just made bigger than the rest of us. They were built to love 2 people instead of 1. It's incredible.

Laundry: Y'all need to sit down for this. I'm serious. Make sure the kids don't run in and read the screen right now. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. This laundry? This laundry is off the charts. And I'm not just saying that. I mean, the stuff I read in Love is hotter than anything I've read this year... possibly to date. Zero exaggeration, folks. There is so much hotness that I legit had to take reading breaks to cool down. THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

Depth: With a story line involving a military man and two gorgeous women who form a relationship not just inside the bedroom, there's bound to be depth. Avery has some inner demons she needs to overcome. And then there's the risks of Charlie's job when he's deployed. But thank the Lord, there's a HEA waiting for you on the very last page. This book was brilliant. It opened my eyes, mind and heart to love outside of the box. It was absolute perfection.

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