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Love Undecided by Denise Wells

Classifying this book as an emotional read would truly not do it justice due to the sheer amount of emotions I felt while reading each incredible page. Let me start by saying this. Cancer sucks. A book about the main character having cancer? I was crazy skeptical. But every pull, tug and rip of my heartstrings was absolutely worth it while reading Love Undecided.

Story Line: Kat is a cancer patient. I want to call her a cancer survivor, but I can't quite do it. Brad is her ex-fiance. At the start of this book. the two have been broken up for nearly a year. Yet the both are still absolutely and completely in love with one another. Then there's skankbag Stacy. And manwhore Bauer. And thus begins the story of frustration, rebounds and super complex police missions.

Kat broke things off with Brad because she wanted to spare him the pain of her passing away from the cancer. She tells him, and her girlfriends, that it's better this way. She's saving him from having to go through the pain of losing his wife . But the heart wants what it wants. Of course, in typical guy fashion, Brad tries to drown his sorrows and loneliness, not in alcohol like a decent human being, but in Stacy. Gross.  And Kat buries herself in work with the local P.D. helping investigate tough cases. This is where she meets heart throb Bauer and begins thinking she can smother her feelings for Brad with some flirty words with cop man. Shake your head with me. Horrible idea. Will only end badly.

But as the pages go by and Kat's feelings for Brad fail to dissolve, the police case unfolds, ties them together time and time again until there's no denying their love and devotion to one another. There were several times I wanted to strangle either one of these two. But thank you lord Jesus, for happy endings. Pun sort of intended.

Interaction: Brad and Kat are hilarious and sweet and witty. The perfect couple. Hence why it is so dang frustrating that they fight their attraction and love for one another. Bauer and Kat and pretty much strictly hilarious, in my book. He's short and flirty with her constantly. And she dishes is right back because she's awesome and that's her nature. Stacy is crazy annoying and I really just want to throat punch her needy ass. But all of these characters and their interactions weave together beautifully to take some of the darkness of the heavy subject matter away. Not all of it. Because the author knows cancer is not a light topic - but we can't go through our days just thinking about the inevitable. And this was a wonderful reminder of that.

Laundry: So the only laundry I was concerned about reading was between Kat and Brad. And thank God, when these two say game on - it's FIRE. I mean, the scene against the building... YEAH. I'm not a big public places fan, but reading about Kat and Brad? Yeah I may have to open my mind up to it a little more frequently. Not for myself and hubby. God no. No one wants to see that. ;)

Depth: Cancer. That one word gives this story enough depth to cross an ocean. Kat having cancer sucks. A lot. There were times while reading their story that I would forget why she won't just admit her feelings and go back to Brad. And then something happens, you remember and you're sad all over again. We all know or have known someone who has had cancer. And it's so freaking painful for everyone involved. Obviously the person with the diagnosis has the most trauma, but if you truly love someone, you feel their pain too. I've gone down this path with family twice now and the hurt deep within your soul can be unbearable at time. Denise Wells took this topic, made it incredibly real and somehow managed to shine beauty on it.

This book is going to literally rock your world. It comes out May 23rd and I suggest each and every one of you go out and buy it that day. You will not be disappointed!

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