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Man Down by BJ Bentley

Where are my fellow Chicago PD fans at? If you love hot cops, suspense and hot as Hades romance, Man Down is absolutely the book for you. This story is the freaking trifecta. Vance and Poppy left me yearning for more and more of their steamy and nail biting world.

Story Line: Poppy is the new kid on the block at her job as a police officer. She comes from a long line of respected cops giving her pretty big shoes to fill. She's paired up with Vance to show her the ropes. And oh does he show her a specific rope. Kidding.. kind of. No, this isn't insta-love. However, I couldn't resist the super lame pun. Anyways, Poppy and Vance have sparks, there's no denying that. However, with his position at the station and her trying to prove she belongs there, it's an uphill battle for sure. Then, mix in the fact that yes, they are cops and yes their jobs are super dangerous, well that just sounds like a recipe for a saucy, heart pumping love story. And oh yes it is. Their HEA may not be a smooth ride, but dang is it so worth it.

Interaction: I'm not going to lie to y'all. Female cops intimidate the crap out of me. Like a lot. Like I advert my eyes from them at all costs because I know I'm not nearly as bad @$$ as they are. But Poppy I could relate to. I didn't see her as a cop who was holier than thou. She was down to earth, her emotions where real and felt deep within my gut. Vance was probably the one I would have avoided eye contact with like my life depended on it. He was rough around the edges. But man, when he and Poppy bloomed (see what I did there?) he became a total soft teddy bear that I would absolutely invite into my bed. Speaking of...

Laundry: Ah yes, our favorite part of romanceland, the laundry. I freaking loved the sense of forbidden romance these two started with. It makes the laundry even hotter in my opinion. Their chemistry sent actual electric sparks through my finger tips. Seriously, y'all. If you want to feel all the heat, the angst, the pent up frustration, trust me on this - you will with Man Down.

Depth: If you're new to BJ Bentley books, you need to know that her stories never ever fall flat. They are well rounded, full of imagery so vivid you will feel like you're in these characters lives as a weird bird lady watching from afar. Okay, maybe not a bird lady, but you get what I'm saying. Now, I always promise no spoilers, so this section is vague and I'm sorry. But with a suspense novel, it wouldn't exactly be a nail biter if I told you why this book has an incredible amount of depth. Just keep in mind, Vance and Poppy are ride along partners. They are bound to find some crazy stuff on patrol. And that crazy stuff isn't run of the mill. It's twisted and jaw dropping and oh so good. I promise you're going to eat up the pages just as fast as I did.

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