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Matteo by Cala Riley

Y'all I have been Jones-ing for a good mafia suspense romance for a hot second. So when I saw the description of Matteo, I knew this was exactly what I had been waiting for. Suspense, hot AF bad boys, scorching hot romance - this book has it all.

Story Line: As you may have guessed, Matteo is our leading man. He's tall, dark, dangerous and oh so delicious. He meets Vanessa in the most intriguing way (I want to tell you, but it's something I think the author wants hidden and I always promise no spoilers). Anyway, their relationship starts a little unorthodox but it works and flows so perfectly. Matteo and Vanessa are the epitome of a love/hate relationship. And their fire both naughty and not, are what make this book absolutely epic.

Interaction: Vanessa's character absolutely makes this book the masterpiece that it is. She is so well rounded. We see every side of her and feel every single emotion she does. When she's plotting and formulating, I found myself doing it right along side her. And when she's falling head over heals for the bad guy, girlfriend I was too. Matteo is easy to love, you will find. Yes, he's not exactly one of the good guys, but his heart is in the right place. And with each action, we see why. We see that he is not made of stone and he becomes that much more REAL. It was an incredible adventure witnessing two strong but flawed characters find their HEA.

Laundry: I don't think there are truly the correct words to encompass the hotness that is Matteo and Vanessa laundry. In the bed, in the shower, on the table, or any other surface in that house - it's all off the charts hot. I don't think I've ever wanted to let my hubby watch me shower, but after reading this book and knowing what it lead to? Yeah, Mr Laundry can watch all he wants ;)

Depth: There is SO much depth to this story. I wish I could elaborate so much. But I need to leave this amazing amount of detail for y'all to discover on your own. What I can say is this - it's been a long, long time since I made Mr Laundry sit down and talk about a book with me. Okay, that's not exactly true because he gets to hear about all the naughty laundry stuff each time. But that's not all I told him about. I told him about how freaking incredible Vanessa is. How I admire her and aim to be as strong as she is. Reading about her past shattered my heart into a million pieces. And then here comes Matteo, her knight riding in on his black horse, saving her in the most deliciously dark way possible. If you get nothing else from this book, let it be this - do not underestimate the power of this story. This is not just a mafia romance. This story is about finding the strength from within, but also knowing when it's time to accept a helping hand. It's beautiful and blindingly brilliant.

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