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One Last Shot by Gillian Jones

So, up until this point, I’ve pretty much come to a couple conclusions. The first is Gillian Jones is the bomb dot com. Obviously. And secondly, she is the queen of slow burn. And I’m not just saying that. I legit think she’s the queen. Like I want to send her a crown with lots of glittery cubic zirconia’s in it (because clearly she deserves something nicer than rhinestones), but then I realized I’m in the states and she’s in Canada and as much as I love her, I can’t afford the postage,so instead I will just sing her praises in my blog and facebook page and her facebook page and instagram and you see where I’m going with this 😉

But back to the slow burn. Yeah, you’re not going to get that here. Don’t get me wrong, there’s angst (p.s., I hate that word, but my Monday brain can’t come up with a better word to use for it). The first two books in the Pub Fiction series set my heart on fire in the slowest, most delicious way possible. So, me being the reasonable human being I am, set myself up for another slow burn. And then Gillian ripped the rug out from under me and said “Gotcha!” Oh right, probably should start my review, huh?

Story Line: Claire and Matt have history. Dirty, naughty, amazing history. But that was two years ago. Now, Claire’s back from running herself out of town. And it’s game – the – f*ck – on. There’s no way for these two to avoid each other since they are both in a wedding together (characters from book 1 are getting hitched – yay!) But Matt can’t wait until the wedding to see his woman. They meet accidentally on purpose – all the electric sparks go haywire and boom! There goes the slow burn you were expecting. Oh right, minor spoiler alert. Oops. Don’t hate me.

But these two do not hook up and then decide they are back together. No, orgasms haven’t even finished yet and Claire’s running for the hills. Damn her. This happens over and over before our sweet girl faces her demons. I promise not to go into too much detail, but the pain she carries on her heart is deep. Deeper than I can even fathom. And it takes a great deal of heartbreak for Claire to finally take the first step in healing. And leave it to Gillian to take a painful topic and somehow make it achingly beautiful. I can’t even type the words saying what Claire needs to heal from without tearing up. But I will say this – the scene with Mary coming to the “rescue” because Kat called her, made me cry deep within my soul. Because a) this was a huge step for her and b) because I hope I never endure this sort of hurt in my lifetime. After all of this, Matt and Claire eventually get their HEA. Thank you lord Jesus!

Interaction: What did we learn from Matt and Claire’s relationship, class? That avoidance is absolutely not the answer. Right? Right. Don’t get me wrong, it makes for an amazing story. I felt their frustration with one another. And not just “OMG pull your head out of your ass” frustration. No, I felt their sexual frustration too. I felt the ache in Claire’s heart and Matt’s yearning for the love of his life. It’s was beautiful and made my heart throb for them.

Laundry: So yeahhhh…. let’s just jump straight into the good stuff. I have NEVER read a hotter tickle his pickle scene in all of my life. My husband will be thanking you. TMI? Whoops. Sorry. Matt has a dirty mouth – maybe not as raunchy as Levi, but damn near close. And since these two already know each other intimately, they have zero problems giving each other orders of what they want in bed. So. Damn. Good.

Depth: Claire’s past gives this book a lot of dimension. But it’s also how she handles the tragedy that forms her into the person she is at the beginning of the book. She goes through an entire transformation before our eyes which I adored reading through. And I think Matt’s character gives this story a wonderful anchor. He’s her sounding board. He understands her more than she understands herself. And in the face of all the demons and drama that Claire brings to the table, there’s Matt with his hands out, ready to catch her. Because he’s her Dorothy. (This was adorable, btw)

The only remaining sadness I feel now is knowing the Pub Fiction series is over. I loved every single book in this 3 book series. Each was phenomenal in their own right. The characters, the setting (which is Canada for those of us who clearly do not pay attention to detail – cough cough me), the plot lines. I cannot say one negative thing about these books. Go pick them up FOR FREE WITH KU on Amazon NOW!

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