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Only One Kiss by Natasha Madison

If this is your very first Natasha Madison read, what I'm about to say is going to make zero sense to you. However, if you have read any of her previous hockey stud muffin series (no that's not the formal name of them, but it's fitting none the less), are you with me when I say this - I did not want to love Candace. We met her previously and let's just say her first impression wasn't a good one. So when I heard she was our heroine, I was like that's a tall glass of nope. Clearly since you're reading a review for the book, you know I read it. What you don't know is that I absolutely ADORED it. EVERY SINGLE FREAKING PAGE.

Story Line: If single dads are your thing (or even if they're not) strap on your inline skates because this story is about to put you on the fast track to pure bliss. Ralph isn't my favorite name for a hero. I know. I KNOW. I'm such a judgey jerk. HOWEVER, with that being said, I don't care what his name is - he's HOT AF. He's an amazing single dad. He' an amazing (fictional) human being. There is dam near nothing you can dislike about his character. Then there's Candace. Let me tell you, I grumbled her name like Joey grumbled Janice's name in Friends for a hot minute. And then I realized she's not the hanous witch I had painted her as in my mind. Oh, btw, you should probably know, I hold grudges like it's my job. So if you've read the book and think I need to calm down, you're probably right, yet here we are.

Interaction: Let me tell you something - Ralph and Candace's dynamic is the bomb dot com. I was skeptical- in case you didn't already get that vibe - but dang my thoughts were way off base. She balances Ralph in a way I didn't think he needed. But he SO NEEDED. Ralph honestly reminds me of my husband - chill, go with the flow, can handle anthing kinda guy. But any parent knows, it doesn't matter how much you roll with the punches, your kids are going to sucker punch you in the gut more than a handful of times in your life.

Laundry: I mean, it's NM folks. What do you think the laundry is going to be like? It's toe curling. It's definitely getting hot in here. It's "hey Mr Laundry, come give me some sugar" inducing. So to answer your question, YES this book will get you all hot and bothered because Ralph and Candance may be sweet as pie, but when the sun goes down, there is nothing "sweet" about them.

Depth: It's been a while since I could say a book brought me to tears. I finished Only One Kiss and didn't even realize I had ugly mascara streaks down my cheeks. Ralph and Candace's love story is a whirlwind of emotions. I laughed and felt those delicious zings through my fingers and toes as I was reading. But I also felt deep into my core their struggles and their heartaches. Everything about these characters felt so real. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming up the most beautiful love story I have ever read. And that's saying a lot because I'm sort of book hoarder.

Bravo NM. This story was everything I could have ever wished for.

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