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Over The Top by Rebecca Sharp

Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself, where has this author been my entire life? That's the exact feeling I had when I discovered Rebecca Sharp. Her heros are complex, sexy as all get out and perfectly executed. And her heroines are this intoxicating blend of independent and vulnerable. They're gorgeous people not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. They may be fictional characters, but they are everything I've ever wanted to be when I grow up.

Story Line: Jac is a world class skier. Literally. She's won more gold medals than anyone on the planet. Kyle is a physical therapist Ken doll. Okay, not a Ken doll - especially not in THAT region if you know what I mean. But he's perfect in every other way. He's sweet, kind, loving, devoted and smoking hot. What's not to love? Well according to Jac and her jaded past, he's too perfect. So she does everything she can think of to push our sweet boy away. Except their destiny has other ideas. Over The Top is a story about giving yourself a chance at being happy. It's about allowing yourself to accept the good that this world has to offer. And it's about truly living each moment to the fullest. You will laugh at certain conversations. Your toes will painfully curl during those steamy laundry scenes. And you will cry happy tears with their amazing HEA.

Interaction: There's just something about a good enemies to lovers romance. Jac and Kyle aren't truly enemies, however the vibes she throws at him would make you swear they are. I think she builds up this feud in her head that they have brewing, when in reality? It's just a defense mechanism. I think I loved Kyle so much because he reminds me of my husband. He is truly a good guy and in a world as negative and jaded as Jac's, that is definitely something you cannot trust. But Kyle, being the amazing person that he is, doesn't give up. And thank you sweet baby Jesus for that. Kyle never gives up on Jac and that kind of devotion is what every single one of us need in our lives. We all deserve that one person who will see past our walls and see who we truly are. And let me just say, this story was so beautifully written, just thinking back about it has tears in my eyes. I loved the depth of each and every character. I loved their stories and I loved their love.

Laundry: Y'all. Insert major fanning myself sigh here. Y'all. Jac and Kyle are FIRE. I've never enjoyed an attempted one night stand more that I have while reading this masterpiece. Seriously. When they were burning up the sheets, they were burning up my sheets too. And when they were building the angst and the tension, I swear to you, my entire body was a giant tension rod. I loved every single moment of this book. And if you're reading this asking yourself, but was the laundry good? Oh honey, good doesn't even scratch the surface. Hustle up, buttercup. You best get to reading.

Depth: One of my favorite qualities about Rebecca Sharp is her ability to weave a love story into a story line that is so much more complex than just that. I mean, we all know love is chaotic and crazy, but somehow RS stories have at least 5 more layers to them. And those 5 additional layers are perfectly laid out to form what can only be described as a literary genius. Kyle's story. Jac's story. Previous characters from the series and their stories. Each is described with just enough detail to form a perfect world within your mind as you read through the story of how two people fell head over heals in love. If that doesn't make for an amazing love story, I don't know what does.

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