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Overflow by Brynne Asher

Sweet Baby Jesus. I have never had a thing for cops, but I'm fairly certain Jude Ortiz just made me a fan - a really, really big fan. And Gabby needs to be my bestie - stat. To say these characters are beautifully written is the understatement of the century. And now, we can listen to them on audible? HOLY SCHNIKES. Is it hot in here? No? LIES. Yes it is. I just finished listening to Gabby and Jude fall in love over and over again for hours on end. And it was the best day of my life. (Don't tell my husband and kids lol)

Story Line: Gabby is an interior decorator who has the most unexpectedly humorous first meeting with our hero Jude at her friend's house. It's funny, yet I'm 100 percent certain if I were in her shoes, I would not have been laughing or as adorable. Nope, I would be an embarrassing wreck. Anyways, they meet. They meet again. Next thing you know we are falling in love with every single one of those delicious Carpinos. Then everything hits the fan, and I mean EVERTHING. Then I skip a bunch of stuff that happens because, hi spoilers. And here we are. Me telling you Gabby and Jude are serious couple goals. And Jude is now the man I tell Mr Laundry he needs to be like. Give me alpha Mr. Jude Laundry all day and alllllll night.

Interaction: You know how you have your laminated list of guys who have all the hot qualities you want in a significant other? Oh come on. I know I'm not the only one who reads certain traits about these hot AF alphas and categorize them away in my rolladex for future spank bank material. Okay, awkward. Anywho. Jude is probably the first alpha I ever fell in love with in fictional form. He's bossy, yet melt your insides sweet. He acts so tough on the outside, yet he's adorable with Gabby's dog. Come on. Guys who are good to animals? You literally cannot get an more swoonworthy than that. THEN, listen to his voice on th audio book? Swear to the lord above, I was a giant puddle of goo every single time he spoke. That deep voice left me tingling ALLLLLL over.

Laundry: I'm going to be 110 percent honest here. I knew the laundry in this book was on fire. Like, 4th degree burns on my hands from my kindle bursting into flames hot. I was so scared to listen to it. I shouldn't have been. Because not only did I listen to certain scenes SEVERAL times. I also made Mr Laundry listen too. Which led to things... and now I need write formal thank yous to the author, the narrators, audible, and pretty much anyone else involved in this book.

Depth: Gabby and Jude's story is what romance novel dreams are made of. Hot? Obviously. Great characters? OMG yes and probably the most well rounded characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Story quality: THE FREAKING BEST. I laughed. I cried. I gasped. I bit all of my dang nails off. My insides clenched and sparked. And my faith in love was strengthened beyond all of my wildest dreams. Overflow is the perfect love story, with the best characters and a freaking brilliant story that flowed beautifully. How do you make something perfect even more perfect? Put it on audio with FANTASTIC narration. BOOM. AMAZING.

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