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Quickie: Devoted to Pleasure by Shayla Black

I loved this book! It was all the feels with angst and suspense rolled into one beautiful love story! Cutter and Shealyn are the ying and yang of life. Cutter is hard, tough and all alpha male. And Shaelyn is pretty much his polar opposite. She is incredibly sweet, slightly sheltered and hiding some deep desires. What you see is what you get with Cutter, whereas Shealyn is a little bit more of a closed book. But the journey from closed to open book status, is incredible.

The chemistry and angst between our two main characters is seriously so hot. It's a slow burn, but worth every single moment we had to wait for the good stuff. And once they do finally hit the sheets? Oh mama, it's so firey hot! It's like they both unlocked this next level of passion within each other.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a book full of romance, and then so much more. It's not just about the naughty stuff. It's a book about life and what you do when your world is threatened to be turned upside down. I loved the fight. And I loved the sweet victory.

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