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Quickie: Private Prick by Ember Cole

This novella was the perfect amount of sexy laundry time and witty, fun conversation. Bekka is our leading lady. And she has just found out that the guy she has been sort of seeing is actually engaged to a friend's friend. So, as poor Bekka is leaving his apartment from telling him off, OF COURSE the elevator would break down. Insert Adam - the building owner's son. He has the giant task of calming her down. And boy does he deliver. It starts with a kiss, and gets super steamy the second they are out of that godforsaken elevator.

If you're looking for a quick read full of naughty laundry, super dirty talking and insta-love, this is absolutely the book for you. I would definitely recommend taking it with you for a pool day. Just lay out, work on that summer glow, and dive into Bekka and Adam's fun and sexy road to happily ever after.

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