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Review: A Change of Pace by Freya Barker

I wanted to gobble up this book in one sitting but, alas, life gets in the way. Kids need fed, husband needs me to square up his facial hair (totally not joking, he's more needy than me sometimes) and the house needed some serious TLC. But I finally finished this incredible story and man, it was fantastic.

Story Line: Newt is a single dad. His daughter Millie is 14 years old - so let's do some simple math here - putting daddy Newt in his 40's. It's been a while since I've read a book about a sexy silver fox. And, oooo Lordy, he is absolutely delicious. He's a handy guy, great father, and treats his lady like a queen all the while allowing her to be sassy and independent. He's the total package. When Freddy and Newt meet, it's not perfect. But there's definite magnetism. Don't get me wrong, I love me a good insta-love, but deep in my soul, these slow burns that are so real it almost hurts? These are my jam.

Freddy is total #goals. She rescues animals like it's her job - yet her real job is a counselor. She has a therapy dog - Boulder - who sounds like the greatest dog that ever lived. And one of her rescues is a horse. Yeah, I'm a horse person. I actually have a horse. So I was hook, lined and sinkered at this point. But my horse, who is 11 (and Chester is 12 in the book) would like Freya to know that 12 is not "old man" status in horse years ;). 12 year old horses are like 36 year old humans. But I told my horse, B, that Chester probably just has an old soul, and that of course no one thinks 12 is ancient in horse years. Yes, that is absolutely a conversation I would have with my horse. Don't judge.

Interaction: What is absolute perfection about this book is how completely down to earth and REAL it felt. Newt is a dad. He can't just run off and sweep Freddy off her feet at the drop of the hat. He has to plan dates, move his schedule around, and keep his sweet daughter as a priority. I LOVED that. And Freddy doesn't allow sleep overs for quite a while - also keeping things so realistic. These two allow one another to be exactly who they are and accept one another at face value. They don't go into the relationship expecting big changes. There's just total acceptance. And the natural flow of how their feelings develop and grow made me feel like I was falling in love all over again. Sigh.

Laundry: Brace yourselves. It's a slow burn. But don't you dare give up on reading this because you haven't read a dirty laundry scene in the first 50 pages. Slow your roll. These two need time. And once they've had that, it's soooo good. I keep trying to figure out a better word than "real" to describe these two, but I'm drawing a blank. So, I'll go with it. Their laundry is real too. There's jiggling and bending over and laundry in the bed like most couples now a days do things. It's not all ropes and chains and gags and uber kink-master-flex up in here. It's REAL. And it's PERFECT.

Depth: First of all, I don't think I can go into the depth this book has without crying. There are two very big plot twists in this book that each had me in tears. The twists are not related and they don't even pertain to the same character. UGHHHHHH at one point I groaned "You're killing me" out loud. Thankfully, I was given some emotional relief in the end and out popped the sun and dried up all the rain. Did I just quote a nursery rhyme? I have a 10 month old baby, so yes, yes I did.

A Change of Pace is the perfect down home, all the feels, REAL romance read. It was refreshing, heartbreaking and beautiful. I would recommend every single one of you pick it up on release day!

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