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Review: Accidentally Yours by Mallory Funk

Never judge a book by its cover, right? But what if the cover is as lickable as this one? Seriously guys, look at those abs. I want them. Like yesterday.

Story Line: This was definitely one of the most unique and captivating story lines I have read in quite a while. I feel like there's a stigma out there when it comes to MC books. Ella and Damien's story is as far from traditional as possible. Ella and her husband just found out they are pregnant, through a sperm donor. I adore how very tastefully the book addresses Jeff's infertility issues. This is something people deal with every single day, and to read a book that made it seem normal, and not weird, odd, or sad was absolutely refreshing. However, after all the happiness and relief of finally being pregnant, tragedy strikes leaving Ella a widow.

This story is about meeting someone by chance, through a huge accident, that suddenly seems more like fate than a reason for someone to get fired. And making the most out of every scenario life throws at you. Ella is adorable. I love that she isn't a size 2 or 4. I love that she loves food. And her pregnancy food cravings? OMG I'm pretty sure my stomach was growling the entire time I was reading. And Damien is absolute perfection. He's patient, understanding and steps into his new role with ease and the patience of a saint. I loved their love.

Interaction: Alright ladies. To all of you who have gone through a pregnancy or two or three, you know what it's like. The morning sickness, the weird food cravings and aversions, the moods. Oh, the moods. I'm lucky my hubby is still around after my first pregnancy. I was so moody, my mood had their own moods. I'm usually a friendly-ish person. Yeah, I was a total Debbie Downer for 9 months. Ella, bless her heart, was so sweet her pregnancy. Her only "thing" was food. She wanted chicken and steak, pizza with a million toppings, Chinese at 3am. I loved reading about the club and how they all took to the pregnancy like men and came together to form a family for this sweet woman.

Laundry: So, when Damien and Ella meet, she's already pregnant. And since they've never met prior to these circumstances, they don't just jump into bed. But when they do? Oh yes, it's everything you ever dreamed of. I mean, they had so many months of four play, fireworks were bound to happen. I loved the build up. I loved the pulling of the heart strings. It was fantastic.

Depth: It's a MC book, so usually club business and "church" brings some drama, right? Ooh yes. There are bad guys. There are REALLY bad guys. One in particular whose name should have been a pretty big indicator that he's not going to be your favorite person - Demon. He's the leader of a not so clean MC that rivals our Viscous Snakes. And he causes a whole slew of problems. As much as I hated Demon, I loved the complexity he brought the story line. This book wasn't just about accidental families, it was about family being whoever you want it to be and those bonds run so much deeper than just the blood in your veins.

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