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Review: Afternoon Delight by Piper Rayne

I think Afternoon Delight has given knew meaning to the term "second chance romance". Seriously. I never, in a million years, thought I would enjoy a book about rekindling a relationship with the ex-husband. Piper Rayne has proved me wrong. She legit took the stereotype of all ex-hubby's are jerk buckets, and said "hold my beer".

Story Line: Chelsea and Dean were married several years ago - 5 to be exact. He woke up one morning and she was gone. She's the evil one, right? Wrong. Dean had basically pushed her away with his excessive drinking among other actions. They, obviously, did not keep in touch. They had no idea of each others whereabouts. But as fate, destiny, the big man upstairs - whatever you believe- had it, their paths would cross and the gloves come off.

Chelsea is scrappy, to say the least. She's super strong willed and a seriously tough cookie. Or so she wants us to think. She had and always will have a soft spot for Dean. He hurt her deeply. But as the cliche goes, time will heal. And it some ways, it truly did for these two. But they have a lot of open wounds that need closure. And so ensues the angst. There's that dang word again. But I've read a lot of reviews that use that word to describe the dynamic between Dean and Chelsea and I just cannot come up with a better word to describe them.

Interaction: Angst. Delayed gratification. Yearning for one another. Silently begging to have dirty laundry done to one another. You get where I'm going here. Dean is slightly cocky (don't sue me for using that word!) But I like that about him. He knows he was a massive jerk face to his ex-wife. But he also knows he has come a heck of a long way since then. And he's totally up to the challenge of winning her back. I loved his tactics. I loved the way he treated Chelsea and I loved the angst.

Laundry: Ah, my favorite part of reviews. Okay, that was a lie. But I really do enjoy the laundry. And the lead up to laundry. And the conversations or snuggling after laundry. What's perfect about Dean and Chelsea is they've been there- done that, HOWEVER, there's also a sense of new romance in the air as well. They mesh. They're in sync. But you can also nearly feel the excitement and butterflies they are feeling too.

Depth: Dean's character truly brings a deeper element to the book. But so does Chelsea's secret as well. Without revealing too much, Dean definitely made a total transformation in his time apart from Chelsea. He went to school and became a tax attorney, for starters. But he also went through his life and made tough decisions about what needed to happen. I will also say this. Chelsea's secret hit very close to home for me. There was a moment in the book that I had to stop reading because I knew EXACTLY how she was feeling.

Dean and Chelsea get their happily ever after. However, as the book came to a close, I was silently BEGGING for an epilogue that took us a year into the future. And since that didn't happen, I'll just be here. Waiting. Hoping. And bouncing my foot at an annoyingly fast pace waiting for book 3 to come out.

Afternoon Delight releases on Thursday, May 31st. Make sure you pick it up and read it immediately!

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