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Review: Baby It's Cold Outside by Dani Wyatt

Are you looking for the perfect holiday read? You know, the kind that is full of naughty laundry, sweet characters and a good story line? Well that's exactly what you get with Baby It's Cold Outside. The only thing "taboo" about this story is the title. So, for those of you who think the song is offensive? Yeah, maybe this book and any book isn't for you. Go get laid or something. Anywho. Dani Wyatt delivers my favorite Christmas romance to date!

Story Line: Eve works in an assisted living facility. She helps the residents with non-clinical every day tasks, as well as plays the piano. I LOVED this detail. Music brings such joy to so many people. So, for her character to be able to do that for the residents, it would absolutely magical. Anyways, Christopher "Vix" Vixon visits his mama who lives that this facility often. And when these two first notice one another, it's hidden attraction gallore. But thank the Lord for meddling mothers. Because, thanks to Vix's mom, he and Eve are picking out a Christmas tree together and then doing more than just picking out a rare tree. Weather, accidents and rude coworkers ensue as well as some of the most naughty laundry I've ever read. This book is as hot as it is well written.

Interaction: Once Eve and Vix offically meet one another, it doesn't take long for their attraction to turn to pure molten lava. Eve is super sweet and due to her rocky past, has become a super strong woman. She is proud of her accomplishments and doesn't care what anyone thinks. I'm not saying she's a millionaire or flaunts expensive things. But what she does have, she has earned, and money can't put a price tag on that type of success. And holy crap, does Vix understand and appreciate her. He is sexy as sin, for starters. But he is so sweet, so encouraging and so uplifting to her. Their dynamic is so swoon-worthy.

Laundry: Oh sweet baby Jesus and all that is Holy. Eve isn't a virgin, but you know the term, use it or you lose it? Yeah, well she might as well be a born again one. But not to worry, Vix knows EXACTLY what he's doing. And he delivers. Over and over and over again. This guy hands out the big "o" like they're candy. Would it be in bad taste if I slid in next to Eve and said me next? Is that weird? Yes? Okay, carry on.

Depth: Eve's place of employment hits me pretty hard. My grandma has been living in a dementia assisted living home for just over a year now. It's incredibly hard visiting her. She thinks I'm her late daughter (my aunt) most of the time. Other times she thinks I'm my mom (her daughter in law). But then there are glorious moments where she remembers who I am and asks about my two kids and says she misses them and tries to find her wallet to give money to them. Regardless, these types of environments are hard to read about. But DW did a phenomenal job of painting an uplifting picture of the residents and their struggles. And to weave a beautiful love story in there all the while describing the best possible scenario for Vix's mom? I could not love this book anymore than I already do. It's amazing. Pick it up and read it this weekend. I promise you will definitely be in the Christmas spirit once you finish :)

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