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Review: Bad Situation by Brynne Asher

Thanks to kids, Halloween, a needy hubby, birthday parties and just not enough time in the day, it took me 4 days to finish Bad Situation. Those were the longest days of my life, people. All I wanted to do was park my rear end in my chair and read this incredible book cover to cover. But those dang kids with their adorable faces made me do all the things. UGH. Rant over. Bottom line? Bad Situation is the best possible situation to put yourself in. Okay, that was super corny. But seriously, it may just be my favorite BA book to date. And y'all know how much I fangirl over her. So that's saying A LOT.

Story Line: I'm so freaking excited to say there is so much I CAN'T say. Before you say I've lost my marbles, hear me out. Bad Situation weaves a multitude of characters and story lines throughout. Some of those characters, if I tell you who I'm talking about, will give away way too much info. So unless I'm talking about our two gorgeous main characters (I mean, look at that cover. OH MAMA. So hot!), I probably won't mention any other names. Sorry. Not Sorry. Eli is the smoking hot FBI agent. And Jen is the CFO of her family's company. The CFO with a major addiction to shoes. You guys, she is like the Carrie Bradshaw of shoes. She puts them away in their own special bins after wearing them. Wanna know what my closet looks like? Good. Me neither. Anywho, Jen gets into a sticky legal battle that Eli's division/dept (I'm horrible with proper lingo - don't hate me) is unfortunately chest deep in. So, that's how their paths cross, however their lives intertwine, mingle, overlap, you name it, in so many ways. Brynne is an absolute genius story teller. I promise, you will be hanging on her every word wondering what magic she will produce next.

Interaction: Eli and Jen are EVERYTHING. He's alpha he-man tough guy who shoots the bad guys. She's drop dead gorgeous, magazine cover worthy, lady boss. They both have tough as nails exterior personalities, so of course there's going to be a clash or two. Or three or four. But they handle conflict within their relationship so freaking perfectly. Their relationship isn't perfect. They both know it's an eff'd up situation. But what they know deep in their souls, is that this thing of theirs is never going away. So they fight for each other in the best way possible. And I fell in love with these two over and over and over again.

Laundry: I want wall burn. There. I said it. After reading this book, and the fire that is Eli and Jen, yeah... I'm going to need to get on the wall laundry wagon because it sounds super. But then I remember I'm fluffy and my hubs has a little fluff and it just wouldn't work for us like it does for these hotties with the bodies. But there is so much more laundry than just the wall scene(s). Eli is a man of many talents. One of which requires traveling south of the border, which he does quite a bit. And I'm 100 percent okay with that. Because that's the kind of naughty deliciousness I need in my life.

Depth: I want to go into so much detail here. But if I do, there may be spoilers and BA may never let me review her books again, so be prepared for some vague comments. First of all, is Jen guilty? Can't answer that. But what I can say is I finished this book being her number one fan. So, take with that what you will. And can we just take a second and talk about families and how polar opposite they are? One side is crazy close, all up in each other's business. The other is estranged and struggling. But the struggle of one individual with Alzheimer's is really what hit home for me. My grandma is an Alzheimer's/Dementia patient and it's the hardest freaking thing in the world to deal with. Having someone be mentally with you for a few glorious moments, followed by them taking a trip back 40 years and you're no longer their grandchild, but now their friend from school? Guts me every single time. But the way the disease is handled and discussed is perfectly beautiful. OH, and how can I forget? Why is this book one of my favorites ever? Because Jen is an accomplished equestrian which just solidifies that she is the skinny rich version of me.

Bad Situation was as mesmerizing as it was heart pounding. I will forever recommend this book because it is just that good. 5 stars? Try 5 thousand.

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