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Review: Balancing Act by Danica Dawn

So, you're probably wondering where you've heard this author's name before. Well, that's because she was one of the authors in the Kocke Chronicles I reviewed last year. I read her novella and was like dang, this girl can write. So when I heard her debut novel was coming out, I knew I had to jump on that band wagon. Balancing Act is everything you're looking for in a romantic comedy. You will ADORE Desi.

Story Line: So Desi is a paralegal. She works at a law firm and is basically the go-to girl. Not that skanky Rachel chick, but Desi. Anyways, Desi has her eyes on the prize. She's motivated, single and ready to mingle and fierce. Except she has awful luck when it comes to the men she lets into her life. She thinks all of that's going to change with the sexy cop who asks her out. Little does she know, a noble job title does not mean he's one of the good guys. And then there's Eric, one of the lawyers she's working for. These two have been dancing around their attraction for SIX years. Thankfully, these two stop dancing and start heating up. But oh no, it's not all rainbows and kittens from here. There's suspense I was seriously not expecting that was the perfect addition to this super funny, and super sexy book.

Interaction: Like I said earlier, Desi is hilarious. That voice in her head should have its own comedy show. No really, she's that funny. And then there's Eric. And that other guy. The interactions between characters flows beautifully and is absolutely realistic. Conversations between Eric and Desi in particular were fabulous. Their personalities are similar yet very different. And I felt like that contrast was what made them so perfect for one another. You will love their dynamic and love their love. Scouts honor.

Laundry: Holy craptastic, y'all. This author can write some DIRTY laundry. I have never been more honest than I am being this very moment. Eric and Desi heat up the sheets and any other surface they can find. And it's so dang hot. I wish I had a desk at home to reenact some stuff... if you know what I mean ;)

Depth: I was reading some of the author reviews and one person said she was sort of on the same level as Alexa Riley. I'm going to disagree - but not for the reason you think. Alexa Riley is amazing. We all know and love that writing duo. HOWEVER, I honestly felt like Danica Dawn's story was so much more than just naughty stuff. The plot line, twists and turns and humor. All of that combined put this book ahead of AR. No doubt in my mind.

Y'all need to give this author a round of applause for her debut novel. She has written a fantastic book that held my undivided attention from start to finish. Balancing Act made me laugh, curled my toes and made me swoon. It's one of the best debut novels I've ever read.

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