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Review: Blackburn by Brynne Asher

Office romances are like my kryptonite. I cannot resist them. Psh, like Brynne Asher needed to bribe me to read this hot new book. Girlfriend, your writing is impeccable. The story is brilliant. And the characters are meticulously developed. Seriously. And only you could write a story that involved the two main characters getting LOST in the JUNGLE and make me love every single word.

Story Line: Gabe is Lillian's boss's boss. They somehow get stuck together going to a business meeting out of the country. After the meeting, things go horribly wrong. Or right. Depends on who you ask. For Lillian, it goes horribly wrong. I mean, she's trekking through the jungle in wedges. Her survival kit includes 3 small snacks, a travel size tissues and cucumber face wipes. YEAH. See, here's the thing. I hate sweating. Hence why I'm not a workout guru. Hence why my shape is round. So reading about Gabe and Lillian sweating their butts off in the jungle, literally just reading about it, made even me sweat. Their surroundings and their situation was THAT well articulated throughout the story. I personally felt like I was right there with them. Then I remembered I was sitting at home, on my couch, in the blissful air conditioning. Anywho, Gabe has always been king of the jerks to Lillian. And thankfully, those jerky tendencies were forced to leave his body due to all the sweating and lack of hygiene and all. Can you tell I'm not an outdoorsy person? Okay, okay, all joking aside, Gabe and Lillian's time spent in the jungle was borderline magical for them. And once they returned to the States? Ahhhhhh - perfection.

Interaction: So, there's pre-jungle Gabe and post-jungle Gabe. Personally, I think Lillian should have shoved her pretty sandal wedges where the sun doesn't shine as far as her boss's boss is concerned. He was awful to her. By chapter 3, I was like, ummm Brynne? Are you sure these two are going to have a go at things? But of course, our author is a genius and made everything piece together beautifully. The dynamic between Gabe and Lillian builds with each passing chapter. Their romance grows steadily and never lets up, which I adored. It's like they had years of four-play and never knew it. ;)

Laundry: Let's all just take a moment to write a little thank you card for this portion of Blackburn. Because I'm pretty sure I'm having a shower bench installed as we speak. Just saying. Although the story is a bit of a slow burn, it is definitely NOT lacking in the laundry department. And Gabe is absolutely NOT lacking in the equipment department either. What I visualized from the incredibly edible description of Gabe? Oh yeah, locking that away for a rainy day.

Depth: Did you not read where I said they were lost in the freaking jungle? I'm not going to say how or why, but yes there's a reason the book is called "Blackburn. It's a jungle out there". Honestly, the amount of meat to this story was exactly what I wanted. But now, as I'm sitting here writing this review, I think I want to demand/beg for a prequel. I would LOVE to read about Gabe and Lillian prior to their trip. How they first met. All that fun stuff.

I cannot recommend this book enough. You cannot go wrong with any of Brynne Asher's books. But this one is really pushing to be my favorite by her. Gabe is one sexy Army Ranger. Now if only I could get my hubby to indulge my new fantasy... ;)

Pick it up on June 26th! And add it to your Goodreads TBR TODAY!

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