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Review: Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan

It has been far too long since I've read a sports themed romance. And who better to get me back into it, than Kennedy Ryan? And have y'all watched the shower Ballers with The Rock? They are sports star agents/money managers so I literally was picturing the multi million dollar houses and naughty parties I've watched in that show the entire time reading this. Which of course, just made me love it more.

Story Line: Banner and Jared met in college. Senior year they had a class together. Jared was the hottie with a body and Banner was the bigger girl who wore the bulkiest clothes she could find to hid her flaws. Then sh*t hit the fan and hearts were broken. Fast Forward to the present and 10 years later, and both Jared and Banner are agents - just for separate companies. When their paths cross, the chemistry had me rubbing my hands together waiting for their banter to explode into dirty laundry. And then I remembered, OMG Banner is dating someone. A really sweet, impossible to hate someone. Seriously, it is absolutely impossible to hate Zo. You've been warned. I will tell you this - Jared and Banner's story is not one of quick happily ever afters. It's messy, complex and heart breaking. But it's also beautiful, heart melting and so angsty it hurts. I couldn't have predicted how this story ended if you had offered me a million dollars. It was incredible, yes there's a HEA, but the road that got us there? Totally unpredictable.

Interaction: I think the number one things I loved about Jared and Banner was their honesty. I mean, there are times Banner asks him things and we all know how upset he is about the situation, and a nice guy would grin and bear it. Jared tells her he's not happy about something or will say he doesn't approve. However the difference is, he never ever gets in her way. And that is very rare. So often, these alpha males will do anything and everything to essentially make their leading ladies behave. While Jared will stop at nothing to have Banner, he refuses to control her actions. It was pure perfection.

Laundry: Can I just say, the scenes were J is going south of the border will forever be burned into my memory? SERIOUSLY. He has to have the most talented mouth ever. I mean, wow. Just wow. I love the naughty levels this book reached. There was absolutely nothing off limits and that made it super hot and super dirty. The best part? It wasn't cover to cover laundry. It had just enough to make me say "holy crap, that was one of the hottest stories ever" without crossing the line into okay where was the story line? SO GOOD.

Depth: Zo was it for me. Zo's character was impeccably written. He's everything I wanted and hated in this book. Hated him for dating Banner, but loving him for dating her at the same time. How is that even possible?! He volunteers in needy countries, he loves Banner's family as if they're his own. He's sweet yet naughty at the same time. Seriously. There were times I was mad at myself for pulling for Jared. But Zo was safe and our girl Banner did not want safe. She craved the opposite and Jared was the exact person to give it to her.

This story gave me every feeling imaginable. Darn Zo had to me laughing, aweing and crying. Banner had me laughing and worried and hollaring Girl Power! And then there's delicious Jared. That man had me eating out the palm of his hand. These characters, y'all. I cannot love them anymore than I do this moment.

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