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Review: Booted by Pam Godwin

This Trails of Sin series has been everything my heart was missing. I was not prepared for the amount of darkness these stories would bring, or plethora of emotions they would rip out of me. But I do not regret a single moment spent reading these books. They are raw, edgy, profound and although they are dark, they are also incredibly uplifting.

Story Line: Book 3 is Lourne's story. You remember Lourne right? The brother who was locked up for 8 years? Well, he's out now. And his story almost breaks my heart more than Conor's. Because we never hear the truth about what happens when someone is released from prison. We don't hear about their struggle to return to normalcy. Or how confined spaces are now the absolute enemy. PG addresses the real hardships that come from a life of solitude with brutal honesty and complete beauty. And then there's gorgeous Raina. She has finally broken the tie to the sleeziest dirt bag of them all. But of course, her recovery from the abuse isn't her only obstacle. She has her own demons to fight through, her own twisted perceptions that need to be broken. And she has to find her purpose in life - a legal one. Lourne and Raina's story is a thing of beauty. Their mutal broken, messed up pasts giving them more similarities than differences. Watching these two work through their pain and restraints was heartbreaking and breathtaking.

Interaction: I love Raina's fiestiness. She is far more than just a broken shell of a woman. She has a backbone made of steel. Lourne is a scary man. He's dark, fierce and does not give two hoots about what people think of him. He lashes out and doesn't know when to quit. But Raina doesn't have any of it. I don't know how many times I read her say "you apologize right now" to him. And every single time I was like "you go girl!". Because Lord knows I'm not that strong. And after everything she has been through, and some of the horrible things Lourne said to her? She's is amazing.

Laundry: Lourne and Raina's laundry making was a slow burn. They both had A LOT to get past before this was even on the table. But once it was? Holy cow. So freaking hot. Lourne is insatiable, which I mean, was expected since he was abstinent for 8 years. And Raina experienes laundry in a completely new light - with emotions and passion. Their laundry is completely transformational. The first time these two made love? Swear to Christ, y'all, it was like reading a baptism.

Depth: The Trails of Sin books are some of the darkest and most complex I have ever read. Their stories are intricate and meaningful. And for justice to finally, FINALLY be served in book 3? It was everything I was hoping it would be - and then some. There are added characters to the mix that make the whole conclusion that much more intense. I wouldn't change a thing about these three books. Their characters, their love stories, their happily ever afters? They were beautifully broken, but so dang refreshing and uplifting. Booted was pure perfection.

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