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Review: Bossy Nights by Liv Morris

Mmmm. I love a man that knows what he wants and makes it happen. Tessa and Barclay's love story is wonderfully written. It's beautiful, sweet, funny and naughty in all the right places. Reading about how they fell in love was an absolute pleasure. Normally I'm not a giant fan of virgin stories. But this one was definitely different. Tessa's v card was handled with class, grace and just a slight bit of humor, which ended up being the perfect amount of each.

Story Line: Tessa leaves her southern comfort zone to try and make it big in New York City. Her best friend plans to join her in a week and somehow convinces her to have a drink in the lobby of the hotel she's staying at. Here her eyes land on man candy - Barclay. She has absolutely no idea who he is but there is no denying the attraction they feel. Sparks fly, yet through the work of a miracle, they don't jump right into the sack. The problem with that? Tessa just got hired at Hammond Press. Yay for her. Sort of. Except Hammond Press is owned by Barclay and his family and there is a very strict no dating policy. Don't worry folks, these two love birds get their happily ever after. Eventually.

I loved so much about this story. First of all, hi mr. alpha man. Barclay is a little older so he has a commanding presence about him which is, of course, totally lickable. And although Tessa is a vcard member, she's got her act together. She also know what she wants and will stop at nothing to obtain it. Together, their driving determination is totally inspiring. I adored their skys the limit attitudes. And when they are together? Sexual tension to the extreme. I love me some angst. And boy, was there so much of it. Yum.

Interaction: Tessa is so sweet. I don't think there's a single thing about her character that I do not like. She is innocent, yet so strong. I mean, who leaves their small town in the country to move to NYC? Side note. It should be known that I've been to NYC and despise it. Seriously. Hate that city. But, with that being said, Bossy Nights made me want to possibly revisit one day. Just one. But hey, that's progress.

Laundry: This is a slow burn, so don't get your panties in a bunch over having to wait a few chapters. Seriously people. If you need the heat from page one, go watch some laundry videos or something. Okay, end rant. I love slow burns. Like hard core, love them. Give me some build up, stollen kisses, naughty touches and all that jazz before giving me the heat. And that's exactly what this was. Perfection.

Depth: The whole dating your boss thing is a pretty big factor here. There's back story to the policy which was awesome. I love reading about why things are the way they are. Don't make me assume why a policy is in place. And the reason behind Hammond Press? So freaking sweet. God, I love this family. Seriously. Can Barclay's mom be my mom? I don't think I've ever fangirled over a mom character before, but seriously Mrs. Hammond, please adopt me.

Bossy Nights was everything I wanted in an office romance. It had a few twists I didn't see coming and I pray it was setting up for book two. Pick it up today!


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