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Review: Broken Love Story by Natasha Madison

Welp. It's official. Love Series 3. Laundy Librarian 0. I have cried while reading all 3 of these incredible books. This time, I made it to 84% through. So close. I may have a crying headache, but I wouldn't change a thing. This love series will go down as one of my top 5 favorite series of all time.

Story Line: This is the story of Samantha and Blake. Blake is Hailey's brother. Hailey is from book 1 of this series. I definitely recommend at bare minimum, reading Perfect Love Story BEFORE reading Broken Love Story. Trust me. Everything will just make much more sense. But anyways, Samantha was married to Eric. But so was Hailey. Except Eric was only legally married to Sam. Sam and Eric had two perfect little girls together. Well, Blake meets Sam through complete chaos. They are both mourning. And through that brokenness, they find their soul's other half.

I'm not going to lie to you. When I realized who book 3 was about I was like nope. That's a tall glass of nope. I could not imagine how these two could find a HEA together. Their stories are so difficult to read. There's so much pain deep within them. I honestly didn't think an epic love story was possible for them. How could it? He lost the love of his life. She lost what she thought was the love of hers. But their story is not only believable, but cry your eyes out, eat 5 Hershey bars, where's the Excedrin beautiful.

Interaction: Blake is alpha, there's no mistaking that. But he's one of the gentlest ones I've ever read. Don't get me wrong, he still has a take charge attitude. He still grunts and hisses when things upset him. But his heart recognizes Sam's pain and knows she needs soft and delicate care. And Sam is so sweet. Like I almost have a toothache from some super sugary sweet cupcake frosting that she brings to the table. I wanted to hate her. GOD, I wanted to hate her. But I couldn't. By page 2, all I wanted to do was hug her and feed her cookies and brownies and help her paint ugly colors on walls.

Laundry: Slow burn alert people. Retract the claws, it's one of the best slow burns of all time. And come on. If these two did the naughty laundry round up in the second chapter, we would all be judging them for Sam moving on way too darn fast. But let me tell you, the laundry? Oh the laundry. Blake may be one of my favorites after some of the things I read. YEAH. You're going to love him. But back off. He's mine.

Depth: I think it goes without saying, there's a lot of meat to this story. There's douchebag in-laws, there's protective services, there's lawyers, there's angst. Lordy, what isn't there? You will be sucked into this amazing story from the very beginning and will not want it to end even after the second epilogue. This broken love story was everything. It gave me hope after unthinkable grief. It gave me restored faith in just how deep love can be. And left me feeling nothing but complete and utter happiness.

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