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Review: Buckled by Pam Godwin

This Trails of Sin series is probably going to make its way onto my favorites list. These books are seriously so freaking good. Knotted was one of the darkest books I have ever read. It handled a nearly impossible trigger with grace and class. I had no doubt that Buckled would be just as good. God, I love when I'm right.

Story Line: This is the story of Jarret and Maybe. Yes, her name is Maybe. And I kinda love it. Book one was the story of Jake and Conor. Jake and Jarret are twin brothers. So, there's your little back story. There's a deep darkness inside these brothers. But the same goes for Maybe. She comes to their ranch hiding a giant secret. A secret I forgot about until everything comes to a head and then I couldn't stop reading even I tried. If I could have glued my eyelids open reading this last night, I totally would have. This story is anything but traditional. Sure, there are sexy as sin cowboys working on a giant ranch to make a living. But the underlying secrets are what bring this story line to a whole new level. Plus, Jarret and Jake both have a kink factor too which is unbelievably hot.

Maybe ends up working on the ranch to essentially earn her keep. But all those long hours together, turns to some pretty steamy and naughty nights. But the story doesn't end there. Because our author doesn't believe in rainbows and unicorns. Oh no, this is very dark knight in shining armor. And our leading lady is no damsel in distress. Oh no. She's strong and witty, and downright funny at times. Maybe and Jarret's banter is so entertaining. I think I fell in love with their characters almost immediately on impact.

Interaction: Jarret is such a broody alpha man. And Maybe is a down on her luck, but fighting her way kicking and screaming out of the hole type of person. Jarret wants to be all boss man with her and she just dishes it right back at him. There's one scene that potentially involves artificially inseminating a cow that had my legit rolling with laughter. It was so unexpected but so absolutely fitting for their characters. They work hard together. Maybe, for never working on a farm, totally holds her own which made me respect the hell out of her. I know farmers work harder than probably anyone else on the planet. So for her to keep up with the guys? Holy girl power batman!

Laundry: Oh Jarret. Jarret, Jarret, Jarret. He's so kinky. I love it. Now, I'm not talking a red room of torture. No, he doesn't have a billion toys to use on Maybe. But he does give a good spanking. And when I say good, I mean, I have just read my favorite one of all time in this book. Because not only was it steamy, but it also sort of explained WHY Maybe liked it, which was amazing. And of course, there was much more than spanking. MUCH MORE. Oh lordy, I need a minute.

Depth: What happened to Conor in book one was beyond horrific. And those events from book 1 trickled down into book 2 to add new elements of darkness, surprise and depth. We meet Lorne's future leading lady at the beginning and I instantly have a love/hate relationship with her. But she plays a pretty big part in the depth to this story. So, thanks to a series of events that I will not divulge to avoid any spoilers, I am all too eagerly waiting for book 3 to be released. Trust me on this, you're going to read things you never saw coming. You're going to be shocked, enamored and even swooning.

I loved this book so much. I cannot rave about it enough. It's the perfect blend of twisted and hot as Hades. Now don't mind me, I'll just be over here bouncing my foot vigorously waiting for the final installment.

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