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Review: Butterface by Avery Flynn

I'm not going to lie to y'all. I had to google what "butterface" means. And do you know what handy dandy google says? "An undesirable face". Wow. Okay. That escalated quickly. I was expecting something about smooth or delicious since obviously butter is amazing. But I immediately knew I wanted to read this book because any story about a strong as heck heroine who doesn't have to rely on her looks? Sign me up.

Story Line: Gina (aka butterface) is a wedding planner. Let's take a moment to be super jealous of her job. Okay, maybe not that jealous since she has to deal with bridezillas all day long. Ford is a cop. They meet at a fellow cops wedding that guess who planned. One of the unique and super creative elements that Gina added to the reception was a "kiss cam". Except that plan sort of backfired when the camera landed on her and Ford. They kissed. It was electric. The end. HA. Not. Next thing we know they are fake dating, he has a hush hush job that involves Gina and her two brothers. Betrayal. Steamy laundry. Heartbreak. Heart mend. Bottom line? It was all really really good.

What I loved most about this story line was the build up of emotions between Gina and Ford. They get along so easily, but to read page after page where it's plain as day that they're falling for one another was an absolute joy. I love the push and pull of emotions. The fight to do what is right and the fight to follow your heart. And that's exactly what these two went through. The burn was so, so good.

Interaction: Gina knows her face isn't without flaw. She even believes, based on her looks, she may never find her happily ever after. So with this mindset, she has a "take me as I am" attitude. The attitude is amazing. Totally empowering. The reason behind it? Breaks my heart. No one should go through life feeling like they won't ever be someone's forever ever after because of their appearance. Of course, I'm the pot calling the kettle black. I'm going to make this a little personal here. I'm a bigger girl. Curvy or plus size, to be politically correct. I like carbs, okay? I'm eating Town House Flip Sides as I write this review. Anyways, I dated a guy for 4 and a half years. We started dating our senior year of high school and broke up after we graduated college. I gained 60 pounds in those 4 years. The night we broke up, the final fight we had was what killed any confidence I had. I had sun burn on my arms so I wanted to wear a tank top out on our little date to a coffee shop to hear his buddy play guitar. He looked at me and said "really, you're wearing that?" I responded with "Yeah, my arms hurt." And what he said ended us "You shouldn't wear that. It makes your arms look fat." I shake my head reading that, but after that moment, I thought for sure I would never be the HEA type of girl. Thankfully, 8 months later I met my hubby and the rest is history.

Laundry: There was some absolutely delicious laundry in this book. I mean, the first time the had it wasn't even on a bed. There wasn't a "no, our first time must be on the bed so I can worship you" moment. Oh no, it was frantic, totally lust filled and absolutely perfect. These scenes were written tastefully naughty. Seriously, it's a thing. Because even as they are intimate, Ford lets Gina know he loves every single thing about her. Swoon.

Depth: This story had a heck of a lot more depth than I was expecting. I was honestly thinking it was just going to be about Gina getting over her inner monologue. But no, there's the whole uncle situation that is absolutely crazy. And then her brothers. I totally was not expecting those back stories. At all. He's a cop, I should have saw some of this coming, but nope. It was written in a way that we are distracting by the insane chemistry between Avery and Ford that we just don't see the twists coming. Amazing. Perfectly written. Counting down the days for book 2's release!

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