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Review: Cabin 12 by Freya Barker

Y'all, I didn't think it was possible, but I think I love Bella and Jasper more than I love Kerry and Damien. And y'all know how much I absolutely adore Kerry and Damien. But oh my Lord, there is just something about Jasper that makes me legit weak in the knees. And Bella with her tough as nails personality? LOVE THEM.

Story Line: Bella is Damien's little sister. She's an EMT so her path crosses with Jasper's not only in their personal lives since Damien is his boss, but also in her line of work as well. She fights like a champ when it comes to her feels and attraction to the mega hottie FBI agent, however, Jasper has other plans. With nut jobs on the loose, and his boss asking him to keep an eye on his baby sister, any resolve these two had to keep a wall up between them is totally gone. Oh, and when I say there are nut jobs on the loose, you read that correctly. Plural. More than one. SERIOUSLY. This story line is pure genius. Every single time I thought the happily ever after was on its way to my greedy little eyes, another twist or turn pops up. This story was far from predictable. And the characters? They are so beautifully developed. Even in their flaws and imperfections, they are the most relatable I have ever read.

Interaction: Bella is quite the straight shooter. She's darn good at her job, and proud of her line of work. Yet, somehow doesn't come across as arrogant in the least. She's a beautiful, curvy woman who isn't afraid to eat at McDonalds. And who wouldn't love that about her? Jasper is probably the biggest supporter of Bella's curves. I love that these characters are so dang realistic. Bella isn't a size 2. Jasper isn't a 25 year old billionaire. They are the closest to real as a fictional character could ever possibly get. Their conversations, their appearances, their jobs. All of it. I felt like I was living right along side them.

Laundry: You know me. I will never ever skip over this important aspect of these amazing novels. Do Bella and Jasper have dirty sweet laundry? Um, duh. Freaking duh. Is Jasper incredibly talented between the sheets. Honey please. He's a big brooding man with absolutely no problem bringing his woman to her knees. Every single intimate scene with these two left my fingers tingling. Seriously. Their chemistry is total couple goals.

Depth: The twists, the turns, and especially the Gomez family brings so much to the table as far as depth is concerned. Yes, that's right. Bella's family? They are hilarious, for starters. They are way too involved and a little cray-cray, but that's exactly how my family is too. So they just made this story that much more relatable in my eyes. But it's those previously mentioned basket cases that bring quite a bit of complexity to the story. I kid you not, just when you think things are going to calm down, something else happens and everything is thrown off course once again. I love a good story that leaves me guessing every step of the way. I was 90% finished with the book and I didn't even know if Bella and Jasper would end up together. No joke. But rest assured, y'all. These two DEFINITELY get their happily ever after.

Go add this incredible story to your TBR shelf right now. And don't let it sit there very long, because I promise you, you're going to fall in love with this couple. They are my favorite Freya couple and that's saying a lot.

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