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Review: Coach Long by K Webster

Quick disclaimer: All characters in this book are of legal age. So don't go getting all huffy and politically correct on me. This book is molten lava hot and yes, it does involve a coach/student relationship. It's super taboo. Super secretive. And super good.

Story Line: I'm not going to lie to you, it took me a hot second to get on board with River's character. I'm well over 18 years old so having a leading lady be that young was just a little hard to get past. But once I did, and fully embraced the uber naughty nature of this story. Coach (Everett) is the track coach and also a teacher at River's new school. From the moment they meet, there are fireworks. No, they do not act on this attraction right away. But it does escalate quickly.

Everett knows this relationship is a huge no-no. But this school has bigger fish to fry. Like the counselor with the major creep factor. YEAH. This school has some twisted stuff going on in the dark corners of the building. But this is the story of Coach and River. I think these two knew there would be zero chances in Hades they could avoid their relationship from developing. They keeps things pretty hush hush, however they push their luck several times. I had to take a few breaks from reading because of the sheer wrongness of it all. I mean - YEAH. But who am I to judge chemistry that is THAT explosive?

Interaction: I feel like every single word uttered between these two was some sort of foreplay. No, seriously. I'm not exaggerating. He calls her a brat. She calls him a bully. Next thing you know, he's traveling south of the border with her on his desk. Everett and River connect on a level I didn't even know existed. At one point, I was asking myself, how is it possible for an 18 year old to have THAT much sexuality. But I was a bit of a late bloomer in that department. So, work it girlfriend.

Laundry: There are no words. Legit. No words will be sufficient enough to describe the laundry between these two. There is laundry on his desk, laundry in the bleachers, laundry at a laundry club.... you see what I mean? Yes, they pushed boundaries and they fully embraced the tabooness of their love. It's wrong. It's so dang dirty. And I would absolutely be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.

Depth: River's past is pretty messed up. I judged the hell out of her at first. I wrote her off and prayed things wouldn't work out with Coach. But then I got to know her character more and really started to see her relationship growing into something more than a "daddy issues" bang.

Read Coach Long with an open mind. It's the perfect summer read, for starters. It's so steamy, I'm pretty sure your kindles are going to catch fire. And it's also a quite taboo topic. Teacher/student is about as naughty as you can get. So strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. It's dangerous but totally worth it.

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