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Review: Coming Home by BJ Bentley

Y'all, when I heard BJ Bentley was writing a new series based in the country, I about squealed like my 1 year old son when given a balloon. I may live in the city, but I'm a total country girl at heart. So, a love story that takes place on a farm is totally my number one guilty pleasure. And this one is a horse farm? Yep, I was a goner.

Story Line: Coming Home is a second chance romance meets secret baby sort of trope. It encompasses so much more, but if I had to narrow it down, those would be the top two categories. You see, Tally and Luke go way back. They dated in high school, were head over heals for one another, etc. Then, Luke decides he needs to join the army and breaks up with the love of his life. Little do either of them know, that Tally is actually pregnant. Fast forward a couple of years and Luke goes missing overseas and is later declared dead. But just kidding, he was actually a POW and was finally found. Crazy right? Dear lord, if that happened to my hubby? I would be a total freaking wreck. But Tally is Miss Independent and is my opposite. She doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve. She pushes through for her son - their son. But for Tally and Luke, to get from post breakup feelings back to their happily ever after, it's quite the journey. There were times while reading that my heart truly ached for these two. Their love is felt deep in the roots of this story. But their fairy tale isn't so quick to become a reality. It takes time, redeveloping trust and letting go of the past for Tally and Luke to finally move forward together.

Interaction: Luke is so dang dreamy. Oh my stars. He's so sweet and tender with their son, and has an absolutely filthy mouth when he's alone with Tally. It's so freaking hot. And Tally is the perfect leading lady. She works hard on her horse farm from sun up to sun down. She takes care of her employees as if they're family. And she's probably mom of the year. Seriously. Tally is everything I wish I were. Can we be best friends? Although, a little birdie told me I'm going to love book 3 the most because Fiona is my spirit animal. Spoiler alert, this will probably just be my favorite series ever because these characters are all incredible.

Laundry: Mmmmmmmm. Give me a minute to reminisce. You know how I said Luke has a dirty mouth? Yeah, it's just the right amount of naughty without being outright vulgar. Although, if he had been vulgar, I probably would have still loved him just as much because he's that dreamy. Luke is probably my favorite BJB character to date. And not just because his laundry skills are phenomenal. But while I'm on the topic, this man has a way with words, his mouth and his favorite appendage. I'll leave it at that ;)

Depth: Because I'm a horse girl, a good part of the depth to this story comes from my favorite animal. Someone creates quite a bit of chaos and drama and let's just say, I had to tell the author I would not read her book if any animals die. So minor spoiler, no animals die in Coming Home. Thank you lord Jesus. But there are also other stories swirling into light throughout Luke and Tally's love story. Seriously good and juicy stories. Like to the point that I am on pins and needles waiting for Emma Jean and Noah's story. Especially after that dang epilogue. Such a tease! But don't you worry your pretty little head, there is a happily ever after and it is the perfect ending to a perfect story.

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