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Review: Crave by Adriana Locke

Y'all. You all. Are you ready for this? Because you need to be ready for the words I'm about to throw at you. Adriana Locke is the MASTER of witt. Witty conversations, witty comebacks, unspoken witt, you name it. Her characters are always beautifully complex, never perfect and 100% relatible. As for Crave? I think I just found my new favorite AL book.

Story Line: Our heroine is Hadley (can we all just take a moment to say how that's like the best name for a leading lady ever? Seriously, her name totally matched her personality. Just saying) Anyways, this is the story of Hadley and Machlan. To say they have history, is the understatement of the century. He's her brother's bestie. So clearly, because there's an unspoken rule, she's off limits. Except for that one time. But let's not go there. Anyways, Hadley moved miles and miles away to cut ties with her hometown and pretty much start her life over. But who's she kidding? There's an invisible string pulling her back. So, she walks back into Crave orders a drink and let the games begin.

If you think this story is about second chances at love and all that mushy stuff, think again. Hadley and Mach had me crying. And not like oh a cute little tear rolling down my cheek. No, I'm talking mascara streaks, heaving sobs followed by oh so attractive hiccups. So, buckle up buttercup, you're in for some twists and turns you never saw coming. But you're also in for reading about one of the best families in the literary world. These Gibson boys are second to none. Their love for one another and their beloved grandmother will seriously give you goosebumps and then make you want to backhand your own siblings and say "why can't you be more like them?" Don't worry, no siblings were harmed in the reading of this book.

Interaction: This is what sets AL apart from other authors. She has learned how to skate the line of sassy, witty and sarcastic without going overboard. Her characters communicate with one another with flawless ease all the while dishing out some hilarious comments. There were some conversations that I literally could not read fast enough because I was trying so hard to read it in "real time" as if the characters were standing right in front of me. But the real winners in this category are definitely Hadley and Mach. They are so familiar to one another. They can predict what the other is going to do and never once tries to change the other. They have a past that haunts both of them every single day. And it's gut wrenching. But to read these two work through their fears and hesitations was the pleasure of a lifetime.

Laundry: Hadley and Machlan get down and dirty, don't you worry your pretty little head about that. But for these two, it's a slow burn. And as it should be. I don't want to give too much away, but just know you're gonna have to wait for the naughty stuff but it will be totally worth it. Like up against a door, raw, naughty kind of worth it. Yeah. You're welcome for that little image I just painted.

Depth: Good grief, where do I even begin. First of all, I refuse to give away any hints about the Hadley and Machlan backstory. I want you to feel Adriana reaching into your chest and squeezing your heart just like she did to me. It's a doozy. But it's addressed with impeccable grace and so much raw emotion. I fell in love with Machlan over and over again throughout this story. Hadley too, but for me, Machlan's character was everything. He gave me all the feels. He pulled at my heart strings, made my fingers and toes tingle and definitely made me laugh. Trust me, folks. You're going to adore Crave just as much as I did.

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