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Review: Crossing Hope by Kimberly Kincaid

Y'all need to be as excited about this book as I am. It legit checks ALL the boxes. Southern based? Check. Enemies to lovers? Check. Volunteer work at a local animal shelter? Check check! I absolutely adored the setting KK so beautifully described in Crossing Hope. I want to live on a farm and work at the store front with Marley. There's seriously so much to love here, folks.

Story Line: Crossing Hope is book 4 in the Cross Creek series, however, you do not need to read books 1-3 to understand what's going on. Marley is the long lost half sister to the boys from books 1-3. Her brothers are referenced and make appearances, but not to worry. You won't be confused for a single second if this is the first book in the series you're reading. Scouts honor. Marley and Greyson have an uber cute and funny meetcute at the local grocery store. They end up in front of the local judge - who is also super funny, and sentenced to community service - together. Where is their community service? At the local animal shelter. LOVE IT. I'm a huge animal lover so when I read this detail, I all but jumped up and did a happy dance. I'm sure my family is grateful I didn't ACTUALLY dance because I look like Elaine from Seinfeld. Or maybe Kramer. Anyways. These two are at each other's throats until one day - they're not. And YEAH. I'll get to that steaminess in a bit. But I loved their story. Greyson and Marley are so dang adorable together. They come from rivaling families with enough family drama to fuel an army, yet they overcome so much to get their HEA. It was so stinking sweet.

Interaction: I think I loved Marley so much for a few reasons. Number 1? Her sass. You guys know me, I love me some sassy heroines. And she takes the cake. She is feisty, determined and 100% independent. Any attitude she fields from Greyson, she dishes is right back in his face. And instead of making him more angry? It just eggs him on and makes for some funny and witty conversations. I think their work on the animal shelter was my favorite. They really got to know each other while spending their oh so romantic court ordered time together. Even though they were forced to be there together, it ended up being something they both enjoyed and put their hearts into. It was amazing. Side note - more judges should do this!

Laundry: Okay, I said I would get to this part later. It is now later. What is it about laundry with a country boy? I knew Greyson would be steamy. I mean, come on. His description alone was enough for me to add him to my laminated book boyfriend list. But when the gloves came off, under that gorgeous sky? OH man. How can a hot and heavy kiss be almost as naughty as the real deal? SERIOUSLY. Even the stuff that leads up to the deliciousness was amazing.

Depth: There is much more to Greyson and Marley than what meets the eye. First of all, they both have daddy drama. Just for totally different reasons. I don't want to give too much away, but come on. Poor Marley didn't even know about her dad for the longest time. So of course she has a giant chip on her shoulder. And she recently lost her mom. So freaking devastating. I kid you not, I ached for her. My mom and I don't have the best relationship. I'm definitely not the golden child, but if anything happened to her? I would be an absolute wreck. Which just goes to show how dang strong Marley really is. She has the permanently remove that chip before she can truly move forward. And lets thank our lucky stars that too hot for his own good Greyson is up for the challenge. This HEA was definitely one of my favorites.

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