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Review: Diesel by Jordan Marie

I have been itching for a good MC book and I'm thanking my lucky stars this gem fell into my lap. Diesel is a story full of intensity, incredibly sweet moments and whole lot of alpha male hotness. Slight disclaimer - it does end in a cliffhanger, however, the prologue to the next book at the end is enough to tide you over until Rory is released in December.

Story Line: Diesel is the president of an MC. The book opens with Diesel getting his heart ripped out and stomped all over by his now ex. A series of events prompts him to uproot himself and his son Ryan to move far away from the drama and threats. Where does he move? Next door to sweet as pie Rory. An man oh man, he is a total jerkface to her. I mean, he's seriously harsh to her. Yet somehow, their lives intertwine and invisible lines drawn in the sand are crossed and erased. But they both have inner ghosts to get past. So it's anything but puppies and kittens for these two. Things go great for a while, and then the past pops up. Then things smooth over only for another part of the drama to rear its ugly head. My heart broke so many times for Diesel and Rory. Their love and attraction is so beautiful, yet the universe has other plans for them.

Interaction: Diesel's character makes such an incredible transformation. It's not perfect, don't get me wrong. But from the beginning of the book through the end, he makes little changes and progressively works through the ghosts that haunt his thoughts. I'm not going to lie to y'all, I really did not like him in the beginning. He was so rude and frank with basically any woman he came into contact with. And I understood why, but it still was tough to read. I mean, poor Rory. She's so freaking sweet and slightly jaded. But she's patient and understanding which is exactly what Diesel needed. She never once tried to change him, she just wanted to thaw the ice he had frozen around his heart. And she succeeds. Almost too well.

Laundry: I'll give you one guess just how scorching hot the laundry is in this book. Diesel is a super hot alpha biker man. Yeah, he knows exactly what he's doing. And it's so dang swoon worthy. There were angsty scenes that sent sharp zings of naughtiness through my fingertips. No joke. At one point I thought my kindle was shorting out on me because the electricity generated just from reading Rory and Diesel together was that hot. YUM.

Depth: With biker gangs comes drama. That goes without saying. But I'm fairly certain the drama and crazy train of people come mainly from Rory's side of the story. And thank the Lord we get to hear her side of things. And it will break your heart. And then, just when you think there's hope - that things will once again be repaired - that dang cliffhanger ends the story and we have to wait. I will say I'm incredibly grateful for that prologue to the next book we got a teaser of. It answers a lingering question that I would probably be going crazy over for the answer had I not read what I did. Yes, I'm being incredibly evasive, but I promised no spoilers!

Once you settle in to read this gem, make sure you have an adult beverage, a king size chocolate bar and zero make up on. This is solid advice folks. Your heart will break several times for these incredible characters. But in the best possible way.

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