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Review: Dirty, Reckless Love by Lexi Ryan

Are you ready for a wild ride? Because honey, this story has more forks in the road than all the towns across the United States. Okay. That was an exaggeration. But I kid you not, I was on the edge of my seat trying to predict was was going to happen next THE ENTIRE BOOK. And I was wrong about my predictions. A LOT.

Story Line: Ellie is our heroine. She wakes up from a coma with a whole heck of a lot to process. The worst part? She doesn't remember the last 3 years of her life. Which is kind of important because she was engaged and doesn't remember hardly anyone in her life. Talk about a monkey wrench. Thankfully bit by bit, she pieces together what happened. And oh mama, her life the past 3 years? A total doozy. Then there's Colton. They fiance. Who is no where to be found. Who was also an addict. YEAH. That's fun. And how can we forget Levi? Oh Levi. I just want to snuggle you all night long. Forget about Ellie. I'll give you all the lovin' you need. I realize he's fictional, but give me a moment. This man was seriously amazing. He's a little bad, a lot naughty and a heck of a lot sweet. That's the recipe for a book boyfriend if I've ever heard one.

Interaction: Ellie and Colton and Ellie and Levi communicate very differently. Ellie is very nurturing with Colton. She almost mothers him, but since he's super hot and great in bed, she thinks she's found her forever. Ish. Right? They way Ellie and Levi interact with each other? Now that's how a power couple acts. He's the strong one, but he lets her do her thing too. He never smothers her or prevents her from growing and expanding her horizons. Any scene in this book where Ellie and Levi are together was a guarantee for some angst, some stolen looks and a whole lot of passion. Loved it.

Laundry: I'm going to be perfectly honest with you here folks. The laundry was not my favorite part of the book. Gasp. I know. The story line and the twists? Sorry, but those were too good to top. But Levi and his perfectness was a close second. I loved how these two were perfectly in sync and how they got so carried away with one another. Their sexual chemistry was insane. You will have to wait a hot second for the good stuff, but seriously, that chill pill will totally be worth it.

Depth: It's impossible for me to go into the depth of this book without giving anything away. Ellie has some secrets. And when they come to surface they are jaw dropping. Colton. Oh boy. This guy is the bad boy we love to love and partially hate. And his dirty laundry? At first, you will literally hate him. Loathe his existance. Then, when you think there's no possible way you could ever like his character again? He does something that makes you say, dang it. Fine, you're okay. I'm not kidding when I say my heart feels winded after reading this incredible story. I held my breath, I got mad at set my Kindle down for break, I swooned. This story had it all. It was the best in every way.

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