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Review: Double Trouble by CP Smith

Any story that involves a getaway at a ranch in the country is definitely worth reading in my eyes. So when book 1 in the Wallflowers series left the 3 girls on their way to embracing their cowgirl sides, I was like heck yes, who needs sleep?! Double Trouble is just as heart pumping and zing inducing as Three of a Kind, but everything is intensified. Sienna and Bo are serious couple goals.

Story Line: Like I said, the story picks up right where book 2 left off. We are in the country. The girls are working on a ranch to try and stay out of trouble (insert loud snort here) and all is peaches and cream. Sure. We'll go with that. Our 3 beauties find themselves in trouble out in the middle of nowhere and here comes Bo - the knight in shining armor - to the rescue. I feel like from this moment forward, Sienna really didn't stand a chance at guarding her heart from Bo. I mean, the man literally saved her while riding up on a horse. MEGA SWOON. Once Bo decides he isn't going to try and hide his feelings for Sienna, it's all bets are off. He will drive across the country to be with her if necessary. Again, MEGA SWOON. But it takes a lot of time, patience, and a heck of a lot of build up of emotions before these two finally get their HEA.

Interaction: Sienna may just be my favorite Wallflower. She's spunky, sweet and absolutely hilarious. I love that these girls don't cuss. They use words like "ninny" and that just makes my heart sing. Seriously. I love them so hard. Their sass and independence are what make them so special, in my opinion. Cali, Sienna and Poppy's interactions are always flawless. They never miss a beat and their conversations flow so freely I felt like I was right there listening first hand. As for Sienna and Bo? Their chemistry speaks for itself. Bo is so sweet and patient. And Sienna is brutally honest. That combination right there makes for pure gold.

Laundry: Mmmmmmmm, let me tell you. There was some delicious laundry in this story. Sienna, God love her, is so sweet and innocent, yet her thoughts are downright naughty. And I adored that about her. And clearly, so does Bo. Because once these two let their guards down and stop making excuses? Grab some wine and chocolate, y'all. It's about to get rowdy up in here.

Depth: I'll say it once, I'll say it again. This Wallflower series is so much more than a sweet love story. There's murder, there's missing persons, crazy grandparents, town hussies, town quack jobs, you name it. The complexity to each individual story is remarkable. Yet even with all the storms brewing, every single word I read was believable to the point that I didn't feel like I was reading fiction. I felt like I was right there in Georgia with these beauties watching them first hand kick up the dust.

I loved Sienna and Bo so freaking much. Their love grabbed my heart and sucked me in from the beginning. I love their love and I know you will too.

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