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Review: Elijah by Nikki Ashton

I read this book based off of an extremely hateful review. My sole reason for picking up Elijah was to see why someone would be so moved to write such nasty and disrespectful words about an authors work. I like to think of myself as an open minded reviewer. I don't have many triggers, so when I read said review and it said that is was NOT safe due to infidelity, I was leery. However, I can say with 100 % certainty this IS a safe book. The ONLY type of cheating you may pick up on is a TINY HINT of emotional cheating. So there. There's your little disclaimer. Now, on to the good stuff.

Story Line: Amy and Elijah are high school sweethearts. They married fairly young, then a painful tragedy strikes them, followed by even more heartache. It was too much for them, and resulted in a divorce. Fast-forward 5 years later, and the end up working on a project together. Amy is an interior designer and Elijah is a landscaper (Their jobs are way more fancy and dignified than I'm leading you to believe, just fyi). There's hate. There's hurt. But underneath the dreadful things they say to one another, there's still a fire burning deep within their souls for one another. Where does this bit of emotional cheating come in you're wondering? Well, Elijah has been casually dating Mia for about 6 months. But when Amy becomes a constant fixture in his life again, he can't hide his desire to rekindle things forever. As the book goes on from flashbacks to their dating and married life to current, we learn a few things. For one, Amy and Elijah's love is pure, raw and what dreams are made of. And two, that sometimes the hurt and tortured pain brought on by tragedy takes more than just a few months to heal. Sometimes it takes years. And that's okay.

Interaction: I loved the flashbacks. Normally, when I read a book that goes back and forth between past and present, my blonde brain gets a little twisted with the timeline. Not here. Here I looked forward to the flashbacks. I adored reading about Amy and Elijah when things were good - great even. And when I knew the part telling the story of the tragedy was coming, I had to walk away from the book for a minute. Because you see, their tragedy? I've been there too. And it took a shot of liquor for me to get through it, but I'm so glad I did. Because this type of pain cannot be worded lightly. It can't be tiptoed around or sugarcoated. And it wasn't. It was painfully perfect.

Laundry: It takes great chemistry to make the laundry believable, yet set my body on fire. And that's exactly what it did. There's laundry in the school nurse's "sick room". There's laundry behind a closed door when family are literally on the other side of the door singing happy birthday. There's super sexy kissing in the pouring down rain. And before you say, that's cliche, shush it. This scene was amazing. So amazing I re-read it 3 times before continuing. It's all SO GOOD.

Depth: There is so much more to Elijah than a second chance romance. This story is about healing. It's about how our words and actions mean so much more than just face value. And it's about finding your soul mate and knowing, that no matter how much you may try to move on from them, your soul will never let you fully give you heart to anyone else. Elijah knew Mia would be a good match for him. But he never could fully commit to her. Everything in their relationship was pushed by her. And at the end of the day, he knew it wasn't fair to Mia that his heart has always and will always belong to Amy. His process to get to that conclusion was long and at times painful, but that didn't make it any less beautiful.

This story has a happily ever after and the most sinfully beautiful ending. I am so glad I devoted my time to this epic love story. I loved every single word and cannot wait to read more by this insanely talented author.

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