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Review: Enjoy the Ride by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

I discovered RS through her incredible book Reputation that released a few months back. I had read a novella by her in the Kocke Chronicles and loved her immediately. Those two books had me addicted. She is an insanely talented writer with a knack for writing characters so perfectly flawed it's impossible to dislike them. Chance, for example (our leading guy in Enjoy the Ride) is a complete jackwagon to Jessa. Yet I absolutely adored him. Even when he was plotting to be an even bigger jerkface. He was so relatable and likable that even though I wanted to hate him, I couldn't.

Story Line: Jessa and Chance were high school sweathearts. But then Jessa broke his heart. And neither has been the same since. It's been 7 years and Jessa is back. She takes a job as a physical therapist and guess who needs PT? Oh that's right. Chance has a knee injury in desperate need of rehab. Does he avoid her like the plague? Heck no, Chance is out for revenge. His plan is simple. Get Jessa to fall for him all over again and then shred her heart into a million pieces as a payback. I know what you're thinking. How did I manage to like this guy? You're going to have to trust me here, folks. Even when Chance is being cruel and calculating, you will adore him. And Jessa? She has a couple secrets tucked away that pretty much explain her actions. Without giving too much away, I will say this - I don't agree with her actions or her mindset at that time 7 years ago, but I get it.

Interaction: Chance and Jessa communicate in ways beyond their words. They were so connected - body and soul all those years ago. And muscle memory is totally a thing. Because these two haven't forgotten a single thing. They body's still recognize one another as their other half. Their mind's are at war with their hearts. Chance makes it no secret what his intentions are. Seriously. The guy legit tells her that he plans to crush her heart. So of course, Jessa tries her hardest to keep him at arms length. But the struggle is real, y'all. And it's so dang beautiful.

Laundry: Thanks, RS. I have about a half dozen new fantasies thanks to this book. First of all, hot tub? YES PLEASE. So naughty. Even the memory scene had me fanning myself. Oh yeah, and I DEFINITELY need me some aquatic therapy. And wow, all of the sudden my muscles are feeling SUPER tight. I think I need help stretching. Right. Time for a cold shower.

Depth: Both Chance and Jessa bring this story a great deal of depth. The secrets Jessa harbors are deep and haven't quite healed. I wanted her to rip the bandaid off and come clean with Chance so many times. But this all had to happen on her time. When she was ready. And Chance? His heartache is so perfectly painted that I truly felt what he was going through deep in my bones. I think this was the first time I actually cried for the lead male character. Not because of the knee injury or his career, but because his pain was so palpable. Their story was a long time coming. Their love was undeniable. And their pain - so real. But in the end, thank you baby Jesus, Jessa and Chance got their incredible Happily Ever After.

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