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Review: Everything's Better With You by Lucy Eden

If I was going to judge a book by its title, I would think Everything's Better With You is a vanilla, buttercream frosting story. Oh it's sweet, alright. But there is a serious naughty factor, which I was absolutely delighted to discover. Lucy Eden's tag line says she writes love at first site stories about audacious females and alpha males. Yep. Hook. Line. Sunk. Let's do this.

Story Line: Abigail isn't your typical Gentleman's Club employee. No, she's not taking off her clothes to make her way through college. Nope. She's the bartender, first of all. And second of all, she's an aspiring jewelry designer (a detail I absolutely adored). She meets our sexy alpha hero at a coffee shop and there's an instant zing between them. But Abby is full of sass and vinegar, so she doesn't immedately say yes to a date with Nate. Oh no, she has to give him a run for his money. LOVE that. I'm all about the insta-love. But I legit cannot resist a story where the heroine has a mouth on her. Probably because I'm totally sassy in real life. Seriously. Ask my husband. He will tell you how annoyingly sassafras I am. Poor guy. He's stuck with me ;)

Back to our story, so Nate has some family drama. His dad's a real peach. A bitter peach. One that has dark spots all over it that you just want to chuck across an empty corn field. Can you tell I did not care for his dad? Then there's his brother and mom and you get the picture. He's got some skeletons in his closet that have to be delt with. Lucky for Abby (and for us) he is quick to realize they may jeopardize his future, and gets down to business. Abby and Nate's story moves along at a steady pace, but does not seem crazy far fetched (LOVED) and the epilogue was amazing - super hot and bothered now. But amazing.

Interaction: What can I say, I'm a sucker for angst and banter. And this story has both. Nate and Abby definitely leave room for angst and build up before the laundry happens. I've noticed a lot of times, when a description says inst-love, it means laundry in this first chapter. I was absolutely delighted that I had to wait a bit to read it. I love the build up to fireworks. LOVE. And Nate and Abby's relationship builds steadily, but in a very real way. Their love does not seem embellished or fluffed. I felt them fall in love with each passing page. It was beautiful.

Laundry: Alright let's get right down to it. The laundry was off the charts hot. No joke. From the moment they did the naughty tango all the way through the end of the epilogue, it was seriously so delicious. I think my eyes had flames in them as I was reading some of the scenes. Trust me on this - you won't be disappointed.

Depth: Novella length can sometimes leave the depth department a little vague. But not this story. Nate's character is so handsomely developed that it covers the majority of the depth I really crave in a love story. His family is a trip, to say the least. But they add layers of complexity to a moderately short love story. Everything's Better With You is a rare gem in the romance novel word. It has depth, great characters and a totally believable story line. Y'all are going to LOVE it when it releases to Amazon on August 3rd.

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