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Review: Fate by Andi Jaxon and AJ Alexander

Holy crap, y'all. This story hit me HARD. I mean, I knew Jimmy and Emma's story would be incredible, because hello. Andi and AJ nailed it with Honor and Love. But I was seriously under prepared for all the feels this book would bring out of me. Prepare yourself because Fate just may be the best book in this series so far.

Story Line: Jimmy and Emma's lives intertwined for a hot second at a BBQ a while back. They never spoke, but saw each other. When Emma's brother was deployed, he gave her Jimmy's number and told her to call him in case of an emergency since they were old friends from the army. Slight pun intended since Jimmy is technically "old". Okay, old-ish. I refuse to admit anyone under 45 is old because that would mean I'm pushing old and obviously we cannot have that. Anyways, Emma being Emma, got herself in a bit of a pickle and ended up having to use her lifeline. Jimmy, being the noble stud muffin he is, became her knight in shining armor. Thus begins their friendship, googley eyes and pretty much the best angstful build up I've ever read. Hands down. Emma meets the twin tornadoes and Katie while recovering from her own personal Hell, which I absolutely adored. You don't have to read Honor and Love before Fate, however, you will totally appreciate the appearances of the previous characters so much more. God, I forgot how much I love Avery.

Interaction: Jimmy is seriously rivaling Logan as far as favorite book boyfriends are concerned. I mean, I loved Logan hard core because of how much he loved Katie for being plus size and built her up, but darn that Jimmy. He has weaseled his way into my heart and dare I say, has now topped Logan. There's just something about his character. He is noble to practically a fault. And so dang understanding. Emma isn't perfect. I mean sure, she's super skinny and drop dead gorgeous, but her previous decision making skills? Yeah, they need some work. Okay, a lot of work. But Jimmy sees past her faults. He never once judges her for her mistakes and he ALWAYS puts her needs and her well being first. Now do you see why he's my favorite? Jimmy is the kind of man we all desperately want in our lives. And Emma is the lucky one to win over his heart and soul.

Laundry: Swear to Christ, you guys, Andi and AJ know how to write the BEST laundry scenes of all time. They are naughty and tasteful, which pretty much seems impossible to do, yet somehow 3 books later they are still able to do it perfectly. And Jimmy. Oh Jimmy. God I loved when his resolve finally broke. But man, that guy was his own worst enemy when it came to getting laid. But he had to wait. As much as they both wanted it, they couldn't jump into bed or the kitchen counter or the shower... Jimmy rescued Emma from my own worst nightmare. And he knew that she needed time to process everything. See what I mean? Sweetest man on the planet.

Depth: Reading what happened to Emma literally ripped my heart in two. It was incredibly difficult to keep the tears from hitting my kindle. She made a bad decision, but at the time it seemed harmless. And I think we've all been there. But what makes Emma astounding? Her strength. She was able to overcome the physical and emotional pain of her past with grace and sass. Her journey was far from an easy one, and honestly she didn't NEED Jimmy to heal. But that doesn't mean his presence and support wasn't the best thing for her. These two came together because of fate, not need or desperation. It was fate that brought them together and it was the sweetest happily ever after I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

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