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Review: Fetch by AJ Alexander

So, the full title of this book is Fetch (Odd Jobs #1) and I was immediately intrigued. I mean, what kind of romance is involved in odd jobs? I'm over here thinking he's like a cleaning guy or garbage man. But then my blondeness got the best of me. I reread the title and put two and two together. Addison and Cole's story is about letting go of the past, throwing away the cliche's and allowing yourself to be happy regardless of how hard it may be.

Story Line: So, the odd job part of this story? Cole isn't a CEO of a wallstreet business. He's not a millionaire nor a big time sports player. He's a dog walker. Now, before you go writing this story off because it's not your normal trope, sit your booty down and hear me out. Cole could have been a big time veterinarian. But like so many people will understand, college wasn't his thing. So rather than waste thousands and thousands of dollars on a degree he would never have used, he started his own business. A business that incorporated his love of dogs and his love of freedom. A man who loves animals? Um yes please. And then their's Addison. She's cynical almost to a flaw when it comes to Cole at first. Cole's reputation proceeds him. Playboy who just can't keep it in his pants. So of course she deems him off limits regardless of how crazy good looking he is. But he is persistent, if nothing else. Before we know it, a one night stand turns into a weekend stand, turned game of cat and mouse. But the cat and mouse part? As frustrated as I got with these two for being so dang stubborn, it was totally necessary. Because so much more of the story need to to unravel before these two finally got their HEA.

Interaction: Cole is one confident SOB. He knows he's the total package. You know, except for that whole huge ego and all. But man does his bubble burst when he meets Addison. I mean seriously. I have never read such a dramatic character transformation before. And I mean that, whole heartedly, in the best way. Because to be honest, at the beginning of this book, I was not a Cole fan. Like not even a little bit. Cocky guys just don't do it for me. But thank you Jesus, Addison turns him around, even when she wasn't intentionally doing so. Which made it all the more perfect. When a person changes because their SO wants them to? I hate it. But when the person does it because they realize they need a change in their life to get their HEA? SO HOT and SO SWEET. Basically what I'm trying to say here is this - Cole and Addison's dynamic is like two halves of a soul who have finally met. Yes, there are kinks to work out, but the end result will always be the same. They make each other complete.

Laundry: I've said this already, but I will say it a million more times if y'all want me to. Addison and Cole? They have some serious chemistry. Their first laundry scene was hot. Their second? Even hotter. And that trend just continues. I will warn you. There is a dry spell that is caused by their equal stubbornness and refusals to give in. So there's a slight warning there. But bare with us here, because everything happens for a reason. You just gotta trust me here. The end laundry will be totally worth it.

Depth: The meat of this story comes from two angles. The first is Cole and his character transformation. His buddy's give him crap. I bow down to him. The second part comes from Addison and her family life. Overbearing parents can do that to you. Trust me, girlfriend, I feel you more than you know. I can't say I've ever had my parents stalk me and hire someone to take pictures of my every move, but I do know what it's like to have your life under a microscope. It sucks. So, to say I related to her character is an understatement. But after the drama, and the heartbreak, comes something beautiful and so dang fulfilling. This story was the perfect debut novel for the ever talented AJ. I cannot wait for book two in this series. Bravo, girlfriend. Fetch was so "Fetch". (God, I love lame puns) :)

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