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Review: First Love by Gillian Jones

Okay, first of all, I'm gonna need y'all to understand something. I've called dibs on Keaton. So wrap your heads around that before we get started with this review. He's currently my number 1 book boyfriend, and as soon as your pretty little heads wrap around that, I'll begin. Good? Got it? Excellent, let's move on. We met best friends Kami and Keaton in Love Won in 2017. Nearly 2 years later, their EPIC love story is FINALLY here. And it's beyond your wildest dreams.

Story Line: Kami and Keaton are two years apart. He's East's older brother (East's love story is Love Won). So yes, this is a best friend's brother romance. This is also friends to lovers. And at times, an enemies to lovers (this is partially a joke, but kinda not lol) Kami has been head over heals for Keaton for half of her life. And Keaton, sweet overprotective Keaton has been oblivious for the majority of that time. The prologue gives just the tiniest tease as to when the friendly flirting turns to possibly more. And I promise you this, you will be hook, line and sinkered from page 1.

Kami is a school teacher and Keaton owns a tattoo shop. But these best friends always make time for each other (scratch that, ALMOST always...) Whether that be at trivia night at the local pub or early morning runs to train for a local race. The bottom line is, these two function as a couple, without any of the benefits. But don't you worry, it's ALL about to hit the fan in the most delicious, angsty way EVER. I'm using a lot caps words in this review. I think y'all need to understand, I'm IN LOVE with this book. It made my heart flutter, my toes curl and fingers tingle. It's EVERYTHING that was missing from my library. There's so much heated tension between our two main characters, that even though this is a GJ slow burn masterpiece, you will not feel like you missed out on any laundry. TRUST ME.

Interaction: The best part of a friends to lovers romance is that the communication between our hero and heroine is already established and flawless. I want to say they don't play games, yet in a backwards way, they are both playing the game. A game of who will bend first. Who will take the subtle touches or heated stares just a little farther. There were so many almosts in this book. A certain pre morning run scene comes to mind. No, it didn't pan out the way I was hoping, but son of a cake baker, did it leave me heaving and needing a cold shower. Sure, it takes a while for Keaton to break his chains, but when he does? The gloves come off and heat comes up. Oh, and how could I forget my favorite trait of Kami's? Her little phrases killed me. Son of a cake baker is hers. Another I loved was mother of all shittles. She's adorable and I need her to be my bestie too.

Laundry: This is a slow burn. If this is your first GJ read, just know, she loves to build up the angst and the tension before the EXPLOSION. And if you're like, no I need the laundry right away, I beg you to just be patient with this one. This story. These characters. They're incredible. And when they do get down and dirty, it's so worth the wait. Remember how I said he's a tattoo artist? Yeah, there's a scene involving his chair. It will melt your kindle. Seriously.

Depth: There were so many life lessons in this book. Patience, for one. First Love taught me patience as a reader, but it also taught me that you cannot rush love. Kami and Keaton may have been soul mates from an early age, but they needed to experience life, get themselves established as individuals, before their relationship could successfully escalate. Another lesson? Friendship is nearly as powerful as love. Kami and East have a relationship that makes me totally green with envy. It's rock solid. And so is the relationship between Kami and Keaton. Which makes it difficult for someone to make the first move, when there's such an incredible bond on the line. Is it worth risking? I mean, it wasn't my relationship, but even I was encouraging these characters to pump the breaks from time to time. And lastly, this book taught me the power of our words. Words that are said year and years ago can stick with you. They can haunt you in ways you never thought possible. Even if they are said in passing, remember you are good enough. You are strong enough. And never doubt what your heart is telling you.

Thank you Gillian for a story that brought sad tears and happy tears to my eyes on multiple occasions. I love you more for this book and cannot thank you enough for making this story a reality.

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