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Review: Flirting With Fire by Piper Rayne

Well hold onto your fire hoses, because this review is about to get super personal. I knew by reading the description, that this story would hit close to home. I was not prepared for how close it truly would come to my own love story. Maddie and Mauro's story is far from perfect, much like my own. But it's so real, believable and beautiful, that even those who don't have a similar story, will totally fall for these characters.

Story Line: Maddie and Mauro's story begins back in high school. Sweet Maddie was given the nickname Fattie Maddie. She was awkward, had some extra curves and dreaded braces. This hit home for me because I was the exact same way. I was a band nerd, so awkward ( I mean, I thought my plaid pants were the shiznit... and said things like shiznit), and I was a size 14. So Maddie and I? I get it. I was it. Anways, Mauro was king jock. Everyone in school knew him and everyone wanted to be around him. Maddie and her girl friends went to a bon fire that he happened to be at. She ends up taking him home, they share a moment, and then the next day he doesn't even acknowledge her. YEAH. Here's another fun story about me and the hubs. We went to a festival -no together. He told me he and his girlfriend broke up, we went behind the school the festival was at and made out for like 20 minutes. The next day? And many, many days after that? Not a single word. Aren't guys great?

Anyways, fast forward to present day. Maddie is a house flipper. Mauro is a smoking hot (pun intended) fire fighter. He wants to make some cash on the side with his brothers. What does he want to do? Flip houses. How convenient. Their lives cross because of a house, two completely difference auctions, and their friends/siblings. And once Mauro finally removes his head from his rear end, something absolutely beautiful begins to develop. And eventually, once the walls of fear start to crumble, and that widower back the heck off, these two get their perfect happily ever after.

Interaction: I adore these two. Maddie is smart, funny and snarky. She has the same dry sense of humor my family does so there were times I was absolutely rolling with laughter. And Mauro gets her. He gets her type of funny and I think that shocks the crap out of her. And of course, their high school history has truly burned her. Okay that pun was not intended. But of course it has. Even to this day, I have moments with my husband where I will say something to him like you're way too hot for me or you're the popular one. It annoys him to no end, but he also gets it. He knows, back then? I wasn't really anyone. It took me a solid 10 years to truly build myself up and realize, I may still be fluffy, but I am worthy of him. And I think M & M have the same journey ahead of them. They have a perfectly imperfect sort of love which is my favorite kind.

Laundry: In typical Piper Rayne fashion, this is an angsty slow burn. As much as I want Mauro and Maddie to get down and dirty that 1st night, don't expect it. Their relationship needed time to develop and Maddie needed time to come to terms with the fact that people change. But when they do get to the laundry? OH EM GEE, ya'll. Mauro is not only a hero in his profession, but he's a hero in the sheets. Okay, I swear that's the last job related pun in this review. Maybe.

Depth: I don't know about y'all, but high school was not my favorite 4 years of my life. Sure, there were good times. I dated boys for week long increments so I had a date to every single dance. I was a winner, right? And I made friendships that have lasted the long haul. But it's not the good things from HS we remember. It's the negativity, it's the cruelness we were treated with, and it's the poor body images we drilled into our heads that take the longest to overcome. For me, the meat of this story comes from Maddie's demons. She has quite a bit of harsh inner monologues to extinguish from her head. LAST ONE I SWEAR. But as we read page by page, we see our beautiful girl grow stronger and start to believe the words that are spoken to her. The hesitance and the apprehension slowly dwindle away until we finally see the woman she is meant to be. And thank the good lord above, Mauro is patient and determined. I love their love. SO MUCH.

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